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Google has replaced the Android Market with “Google Play“.  This new Google Play is like a one stop shop for all their games and media.  From a gaming perspective, the best thing we’ve found is that it allows you to review and pick apps from your computer and send instructions to install onto your phone or tablets!  So that means you can have a much faster and seamless experience.  No more having to search for a game in the Android Market on your phone, or use the QR codes.  You can review a game faster on your desktop/laptop and instruct Google Play to do the install for you… happy days.

As part of the promotion of Google Play, they have lined up a “Play of the Day” page, and a “Play 49 cents” Apps Page.

We’re gonna keep a track of the games here, just so that we can know what might come around later.  (We’re wondering how many games from the 10 cents promotion period will reappear…)

Play of the Day

  • 13th March 2012: TuneIn Radio Pro (Application, not a game)
  • 12th March 2012: Business Calendar (Application, not a game)
  • 11th March 2012: Camera Zoom FX.  Not a game, but an awesome camera app!  (PS I’m one of those annoyed suckers who bought this game when it was 49 cents… not the current 25 cents!)
  • 10th March 2012: Paper Camera (Application, not a game)
  • 9th March 2012: Quell Reflect by Fallen Tree Games.  At this point I would recommend NOT BUYING any of the Play 49 Cents games until the last day, because Quell Reflect is now on discount!
  • 8th March 2012: Flick Golf Extreme by Full Fat.  This is a funky golf swinging game where you can change the trajectory of the ball in the air by swiping the screen.
  • 7th March 2012: Where’s My Water by Disney.  I originally downloaded this because I got it mixed up with Sprinkle.  It is quite a cool puzzle game nonetheless.


Play 49 cents (Try and leave purchases until the last day because they might discount the game further as a daily offer!!) (i.e. Wait until tomorrow or the day after till you buy)

12th March 2012 & 13th March: Similar set of games… no new additions, only some were removed.  

11th March 2012:

8th March 2012:


Some of the games above were already in the 10 days of offers…. so if you’ve missed any, they may rotate the games if you’re lucky!

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