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Android Market has crossed the 10 billion downloads mark and is celebrating by giving 10 days of offers where users can buy selected apps for as cheap as 10 cents!

Some of the cheap games for today are below…click on the links below to go straight to the Android Market

[15 Dec 2011]

The last day of offers is coming up tomorrow, so we’re expecting Android Market to end on a high and put out a top notch set of games!

Looks like the 10 days of offers is over… oh well, at least we’ll all have fab games to play through for the xmas holidays and well into the new year!


Previous Offers:


[ 14 Dec 2011]

Apologies to those who came to look for the latest games yesterday.  Android Market seem to update their offers list at weird times.

[ 13 Dec 2011]

[12 Dec 2011]

So today we have another collection of slightly old games. The Android team have updated their list of offers for today!  Our two top picks are Train Conductor 2:USA (which we just reviewed) and Roll in the Hole which is being marketed by Chillingo.

[11 Dec 2011]

Seems as though the Android Market ran out of steam today as they only listed 9 apps/games instead of 10….

[ 10 Dec 2011]

If at this point, you’re finding that you’re tight on cash for some reason then we highly recommend you buy Age of Zombies which is pretty much guaranteed to satisfy your instant arcade action needs!

[9 Dec 2011]

They’re cheap! Download them all!

[7 Dec 2011]

We highly recommend downloading Minecraft now, so that you can take advantage of the survivor mode when it comes out!

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