World of Goo (by 2DBoy) on your Android Phone

World of Goo: Awesomely fun and cute puzzle game with friendly blobs of Goo Balls

We saw this game mentioned on Engadget recently, and subsequently it’s now appeared as a featured game on the Android Market!  Check out our tips and thoughts about this award winning indie game…

Gameplay: In a nutshell, this is a game like x-construction but way more interactive… Cute little curious Goo Balls have come to life and you guide them through their travels in the beautiful World of Goo.  When the Goo balls are awake they’ll crawl along any structure/frame that you have.  Then you can drag one out and drop it outside your construction.  It’ll add to the building by automatically forming struts to turn itself into a building node.

Much like x-construction, this game is about building a structural path from a start point to an end.  But in this case, the target is an exit pipe which will suck up your Goo family to safety.  It’s a physics puzzle game where you’re building on the fly and this is really where the game comes to life.  As you strut up and outwards you need to think about the effect of gravity on your creation.

Extremely Delicious: That’s right… you heard me… even though these blobs look like crude oil blobs, I’m describing this game as “delicious”.  But more accurately – that’s what the game has said, and this isn’t the only random message.  The designers have littered funny messages all through the game.  The small attention to detail reminds us that this is an indie game with a lot of character!

Immersive Experience: The game design here is ingenious… the music just feels epic and the developers have turned the game into a majestic military triumph!  This is all interwoven into a cunning story where you’re building bridges, zeppelins and giant tongues.  Usually we find that there’s a trade off somewhere in these games – but we can’t spot any area that is lacking.  The graphics are really cool and cutesy, and the animations all feel fluid and vivid.

Rating: 5/5 You must play World Of Goo and experience the gallons of fun in this landmark indie game.  The developers have pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!  After you’ve gone through the levels on the maps then there’s great replay value through an OCD challenge where you try and complete each stage in a particular number of moves.  On top of this, every extra blob you save will contribute to the World of Goo mini game where you can compete with the world to try and erect the tallest tower!

World Of Goo Promotional Youtube Video

World of Goo Tips from Android Games Review:

  • As per the World of Goo tips, try the demo version first to see if the game will work on your Android phone – we suspect that there may be some limitations as the game jerked on our older test devices.
  • Think in triangles as you build.  Then if you’re finding that your structure is lacking integrity and is snapping, then think in hexagons.
  • Hexagons tend to be the limit of horizontal extensions outwards because any more additional weight would strain the overall structure.
  • Eventhough you may feel that you’re extending your building as far as possible, we’ve found that the blobs will draw back slightly towards the parent structure.  So you don’t really need to try and plant your blobs at the furthest point possible.
  • Take note of the colour of the blobs.  For example, green blobs can be pulled out of a structure to be reused again.
  • If you’re really getting stuck with understanding the physics here, then try playing X-Construction where you have to setup everything in advance.  Then you might get inspiration about building supportive buttresses.

The demo game is pretty feature filled, so definitely give it a try even if you don’t feel like buying the full game!

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Developers: 2dBoy


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