Critter Rollers (The Rampant Mango Collective)

Critter Rollers: Roll furballs around your screen and blast them towards the magical donut goal. 

If you’ve ever played Blast Monkeys, then you’ll probably be interested in Critter Rollers.  We’ve had a play around with this puzzle game – check out what we found below…

Gameplay: In a nutshell, this is a puzzle game like Blast Monkeys.  But if you’ve never played BM before, then here’s a brief:  you get a critter which will roll round like a ball and the goal is to find your way to the exit as quickly as possible whilst collecting the sweets on the way.  Your route isn’t always obvious and there are little secret tricks on some levels.

Gamewise… Normal physics gravity rules apply and the creature will gain momentum as it rolls down slopes.  The only thing which is very different is the fact that you’ll jump when you tap the screen (even whilst in midair).  Like BM, when the ball goes into a cannon then it’ll stop in it and be shot out when you touch on the screen.

So what are the key differences from Blast Monkeys?  The scale of the levels are much larger; the critters can jump twice; there are save point cannons which will mean you don’t have to start from the beginning when your critter dies.

Rolling Madness: Honestly… for some reason our team was slightly put off by the game… to the point at which we basically struggled to bring ourselves to play it. But we blame Android Market for putting out 10 days of offers and overwhelming us with top games at cheap prices.  Mental confusion aside, there was still something about the game which was a bit off putting, and we think it was the graphics.  They’re kind of cutesy cartoon graphics, but neither here nor there.  Something looked a bit amateur about it, and they hadn’t colour themed in a nice way like Yobonja’s Monkey Blast.

The real downer is some of the animations in the game.  For instance when you see some of the pivoting cannons – they just abruptly turn, and there’s no rotation or special effects… I think they’ve done this to make the game easier, but unfortunately it looks really awful.

Rating: 3/5 A decent game with a great deal of free content for people to play.  The graphics are lacking, but that’s offset by the fact that the designer has made several intricate and well thought out levels.  The hidden tricks and multiple routes make this an interesting puzzle game.  However we found it’s very easy to get stuck or fall into a state where you need to restart the level (which could reduce enjoyment of the game).  Unfortunately Critter Rollers crashed on us a few times when we played it on all our test devices, so be warned.  But hey, half the game is free, so it’s worth trying if you want a challenging puzzle game to play.

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Developers:  The Rampant Mango Collective

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