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If you liked Angry Birds, and you have a tendency towards puzzle games, then you’ll like Blast Monkeys.

Gameplay: This is physics based game where you shoot monkey heads out of cannons.  It feels like pinball with some puzzle elements.  So you shoot the monkey upwards, and gravity brings him back down again.  Obviously it’s not just downwards motion – there’s bubbles which you can collide into, which will then make the monkey head float upwards (looks like when you capture things in puzzle bobble).

There’s three individual bananas strategically placed across the screen, and once you get to the big bunch of bananas then you’ve passed the level.  You’ll keep replaying levels, because you won’t be satisfied until you’ve collected all three bananas, and get your gold star!

Nifty points: I’m really impressed at the levels and the variety that Yobonja have come up with.  Whoever made this game is clever and has good ideas when it comes to game level design.  They managed to shove 30 interesting levels in for each chapter.  The graphics are cartoony, and the theming is consistent.

Verdict: 4/5 [Ed: Revised from 3 stars following Yobonja’s latest level updates]  Blast Monkeys is a good puzzle game with a strong basis.  Definitely watch out for this one in the future because there’s so much more they can do.   They could have moving cannons, different size balls, tree/transportation holes, more bananas, more launch cannons… the list is endless.

So you might be thinking why I’ve only given it 3 Stars if I hold the game in high regard.  Well, then I would have to remind you that in the above paragraph I was referring to gameplay… the graphics and sound effects are only acceptable.  There’s a huge amount of enhancements that they could add to this in future.  Also, their menu interface is bizarrely slow.   Last moan (honest), I think the touch zones on the cannons should be slightly larger, and for some reason I feel like the cannon isn’t quite synchronised with when I press on the shoot button.

I was almost about to give the game two stars when I thought there was only one chapter, but then I played the second chapter which is pretty cool.  2-3 hours of gameplay for a free game – that’s not bad… When they add more chapters to the game they’ll definitely get 4 stars.

Final Tips: To fully enjoy the game, you need to play chapter two too.  After you’ve completed chapter one, then click on the ZooClub weblink and rate the game.  Then you’ll get access to chapter two which has multiple cannons.  I’m not sure why they didn’t introduce double cannons in chapter one – they’re not fully showing off the work they put in!

Just one last thing: the game is 3MB large even whilst installed on the SD card – so make sure you have ample space first. [Ed – 3MB isn’t an issue anymore, but hey some old devices out there still care about this sort of thing!]

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Developers: Yobonja

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