Greedy Spiders 2 Review

Greedy Spiders 2:  The return of the brain taxing creepy crawlies!

Last year we reviewed the first Greedy Spiders game and back then we were totally blown away by the Blyts developers.  Can this new release match the success of their previous title? Read on to hear more.

First thoughts: The name of a game can spell out many things and a lot of people may suddenly think that this is the spider game equivalent of Angry Birds.  However, it’s not a fancy physics game at all and instead it’s a very good head scratching turn based puzzle game.

Gameplay:  The core of this game is virtually identical to the first.  So every level has some poor flies who are stuck on the spider’s web and you need to free them before they’re devoured.  The eight legged monsters are dotted around the web and they’re willing to play a little game with you before eating their meal.  (You’d think that the spiders would be clever enough to wrap down their food properly, but my only guess is that they get a kick out of toying with their prey.)

On every turn of your death game with the arachnids you’ll cut a spoke on the spider web, and then the spiders will navigate along a web path.  The aim is to disconnect and isolate the flies so that the enemy spiders can’t get to them… thus allowing the flies to be able to wriggle to freedom.  But if the eight legged freaks to manage to get to their dinner then you’ve failed and you’ll need to try the level again.

Gut feel: This is a stonking good game which really works your brain cells and tests the depths of your abstract analysis.  The graphics and animations are top notch and the helpless flies just keep pulling you in to keep saving them.

So what’s new compared to Greedy Spiders 1?  First off, this new game is just as good as the first one.  The core game is definitely the same, so I was slightly worried about how they could improve upon this and go a step further.  But, I’m very glad to say that I think the developers have successfully improved their product.  They’ve managed to add to their brain teasing game by adding a new action where you can freeze a spider.  Although this single move seems very simple, it does actually increase change the movement possibilities.  In short, the game continues to keep working your brain!

Are there any more new features?  There are some more new actions, but we’ll leave that as a surprise for you to find out for yourselves.  In terms of look and feel there doesn’t seem to be much obvious improvement, but the images have been spruced up slightly and the game seems to run faster.  The story and cut scenes are new, so here’s something fresh and different for everyone.

Easy to Hard difficulty: Several other review sites have commented that Greedy Spiders 1 starts off easy and then becomes fiendishly difficult.  Though this is true, this is also where the Greedy Spiders Star system becomes excellent because the number of stars you get will dictate how many rounds ahead you will unlock.  So if you get a three star on one round then that means the next three consecutive rounds will be open for you to attempt.  This means that if you’re stuck then you’ll be able to skip ahead to the next round.  Greedy Spiders 2 continues to have this facility and they’ve also got clear in-game tips which assist you through the game.  In case this help wasn’t obvious enough, there’s also an easy and hard difficulty to make the game more accessible for everyone.

Rating: 4.5/5 Blyts have done it again and have made another spectacular puzzle game.  The depth of difficulty is high and they’ve put workarounds in place so that you won’t get too frustrated.

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Greedy Spiders 2 Tips from Android Games Review 

Check out our original gametips from our review of the first game here.

  • If you’re stuck on Stage 1 (Aztec Bait), level 13 then start with the following to get three stars: Freeze the left Spider, then cut the west line from the red fly, protect the purple fly by cutting the immediate connection in the south east.  Then the remaining cuts should be easy and obvious.

Feel free to ask us for any other game tips in the comments!

Developers: Blyts

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