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Galaxy Striker 2012: Space shooter supreme or sci-fi schmuck?

Every now and then we scan the Top New Free Games list on Google Play to see if there are any good games.  Generally, the top ones are pretty nifty and we tend not to cover them as many readers may have read about them already.  But once in a while we see something which looks amazing… like Galaxy Striker 2012… but is it really as good as it looks?  Read on to find out more….

Gameplay:  It’s a space shooter where your fighter ship travels from the bottom of the screen to the top.  You drag your finger on the screen to move the plane around.  It’s permanently on autofire and the aim is to clear a path in space so you get shot at by less enemies.  Every now and then powerups are dropped so you can improve your ship.  So everything seems normal…

Graphics:  This game looks slick… even the other guys in the team peered over and praised the cool images… Sound effects and music are both just right too.  But.. we were fooled…

The Lowdown:  Actually there’s quite a few problems with this game and we’ll mention the top two.

1) The controls are outright awful because the ship moves way slower than your finger does across the screen.  So the fundamental core of the game is bad.  This is rather disappointing because the graphics look as slick as Raiden, but the movement and gameplay isn’t nearly as good.

2) The gold coin in game currency is so rare that players are forced to buy more coins.  The developers are unfortunately being too obvious about trying to get your money.


So why are we reviewing this??  Well we want to emphasise a few things.

  1. Just because a game is in Google’s Top Free Games list doesn’t automatically mean it’s good.
  2. Over 100 thousand downloads can actually mean nothing.
  3. Statistics can sometimes mean nothing: if you look at the rating scores for this figure, you’ll notice that there are people giving it 5 stars… but this is most definitely not a 5 star game.  There are plenty of free space shooters out there which are much better!
  4. Always read the comments of a game before downloading it!  We think that people are only continuing to download this game because they’re not checking the comments.

Rating: 2/5 Galaxy Striker 2012 has the graphics of a good game but unfortunately the controls are bad, and the game seems too money grabbing.  We’ve listed some top space shooters alternatives below.  Since we’ve found such a blatently bad game in a list on Google Play, we’ll be increasing our coverage of games in the top new free games section.

Here are alternative space shooters which are free:

  • Raiden Sky Force Ace which is very much like the actual Raiden games.
  • A Space Shooter which is played in landscape mode.  It has a short but free demo.
  • Alien Defense 101 (A.D.101) which has a free version and also is played in landscape mode.
  • R-Type which is one of the best classics but yet also one of the hardest games ever.  It does have a free version, but it’s we believe it’s in Japanese.
  • Star Shooter which is a really short demo, but its still way more fun than Galaxy Striker.

… and this is only a small subset of the games that we’ve managed to review – there are tons more out there!

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Galaxy Striker 2012 Tips from Android Games Review

  • When you start off, you somehow instinctively decide to spend your gold coins because it’s offered at the beginning.  If you feel that you do want them back, then just uninstall and reinstall the game.
  • If gold coins is what you want, then don’t just keep playing continuously – it’s difficult, they’re rare to come across and it’s time consuming.  Instead, keep playing the first round until you’ve collected the one gold coin that is found there.  Then just commit suicide and repeat until you have enough gold coins to buy things… presumably a new ship.

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Developers: Good Team Studio

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