Android Games Review: Star Shooter (Macgyver)

Blast from the past with a mobile Raiden-like scrolling shooter game. 

Gameplay:  Spaceship… birds eye-view… touch the screen to move… touch the screen to shoot… shoot anything that moves… nuff said… Oh and if you destroy a set of enemies then you can collect powerups which give you more weapons.

Weirdly enough, this is my kinda game.  When I was a wee lad I remember spending many hours obliterating space enemies in Xenon.  Star Shooter has captured this nostalgic feeling, and it’s done a good job of it by ensuring that the speed of the game and the variety of enemies is there.  So technically speaking, it’s much more like Raiden than Xenon because it’s running at around 60 frames per second.

Top notch setup:  This Android game has great midi music, nice arcade layout and classic old school pixelated graphics.  The whole package really brings back memories, and the full theming is very good.  As soon as you hear the sound effects you’d think of an old space shooter like Raiden.

Verdict: 3/5   Awesome nineties game on your phone which uses your touch screen interface.  Interestingly, the updated gameplay method works quite well because you can zip round the screen even faster than when you used to use a joystick or d-pad.

The free version only has a minute of gameplay (it’s so short I’m tempted to give it 2 stars!!).  I’m really tempted to buy the full version, but I’m not sure if the full version will have enough depth and variety in enemies, weapons and levels to warrant this purchase.   Give the free version a spin anyway!  Hopefully the developer will increase the amount of time you can play in future.

Tips:  The ads appear during the game, so just switch off your internet or wifi so you can see all your enemies on the screen.

 Star Shooter’s QR Code (Click on the image or scan it with your phone to goto the Android Market)

 Developers: Macgyver


Star Shooter’s PSP Youtube Video (Please note that this is NOT the Android version)


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