Jelly Defense (by iDreams) for Android

Jelly Defense: Command the jelly minions and help them fend off the alien army!

This isn’t a review of a new game, but I just wanted to share this awesome 3D paid-app which went on discount during the 10 days of offers on Android Market.

Gameplay: On the surface this seems like any old tower defense… initially there’s fast, low power turrets; stronger splash damage towers and poison gas slow towers.  You can place them on preset positions and upgrade them a few times to increase their range and damage.  Then aliens will walk along a preset path and try and steal your gems… you survive and pass the level if you save at least one gem.  However, as you play through Jelly Defense you find there’s a distinctive difference in the character of this tower game.

What do I mean by that?  Well, basically I’m saying there’s a very finely tuned and adjusted game here.  Little things which you wouldn’t really consider to be special, actually change the whole game dynamics.  For instance, the enemies are colour coded either blue or red, and only towers which are emblazed in that colour can attack them.  The set of red and blue towers are different… it’s not like you get two matching sets of towers… each and every one has a distinctive skill.  For example, there’s an ultra powerful blue laser, but there’s no identical red tower.  Instead there’s a couple-type synapse laser which only fires between a pair of them.

Jelly Challenge:  The uniqueness somehow feels like it’s in the enemies too.  The cutesy alien infestors waddle around in varying ways speed, and then there are huge monsters which will give your defenses a run for their money.  Generally speaking this is a tough game which should appeal to pro tower defense players as well as good strategists (and unfortunately it’s not for those without any competitive spirit).

Awesome action:  Most TDs are either too easy or too difficult, such that you’ll bore easily.  But Jelly Defense is a class above the rest:  you have to brush the screen to collect coins after they’re dropped; you need to research towers; you need to collect the specials; you need to cast the spells at exactly the right time; you need to balance your phone carefully to control the whirlwinds and storms… you’re always kept busy!

Dazzling beauty: The graphics in this game are awesome – all the cutesy aliens, towers are coupled with fun animations, particle effects and equally matching sound effects.  I can’t fault the game at all in terms of fidelity… (though perhaps the graphics are so good that you might see some lag on even a device like the HTC Desire HD).  Music is also really fab and puts you in the mood of all the jelly characters in the game.  In fact, the whole mix of the setup is so amazing that it makes it more approachable for females.

Rating: 5/5 Jelly Defense is a feature full and active tower defense which will test your wits in an awesomely beautiful alien world.  I know a lot of people don’t buy games, but this one is a must try… (even if you need to get someone else to download it lol!)  In case you’re concerned about value for money – this one has several levels and has kept me busy for days.  For those of you who already have the game, don’t forget to update as they had a Christmas update a couple of months ago which gave some extra xmas themed levels… and boy were they tough!

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Jelly Defense Tips from Android Games Review

  • If you’re finding that you’re not able to pass the level, or you’re not able to perfect it, then check out our tips below:
  • The piggy bank is crucial, research it and build it as soon as possible.  The trickle of extra cash can make a huge difference.  It can make a very money tough round become a walk in the park.
  • Research the piggy bank when possible as the additional cash it provides is more substantial when its upgraded.
  • Learn the waves of enemies that come through – there’s no other way to beat them on the fly as you’ll eventually need to be efficient with your money and spend your money on specialised red/blue towers accordingly.
  • After you’ve learnt the waves, then try and find the optimum build setup for the first few rounds.  That’ll help you accumulate cash so you can focus on what needs to be planted in later rounds.
  • Positioning is key!  Using the same two towers in swapped positions may not be able to destroy a wave.  So test different starting setups to maximise on your towers.
  • Placing towers at the beginning or near the end has a difference on your strategy.  The general rule of thumb is to place towers near where they appear in order to whittle them down faster.
  • As the towers destroy enemies, they’ll increase in experience and level up automatically without you spending cash on them.
  • In later levels you’ll realise that a fully upgraded blue laser tower far outweighs the presence of multiple small blue laser towers.  The same applies for the red couple laser towers.
  • Only one of the red couple laser towers needs to be upgraded to have the increased blast power.
  • Red couple laser towers are simpler than you think.  Imagine a line going from the tops of the towers.  If the alien walks through this imaginary line, then it’ll strike.  Therefore the best orientation is to have the tops of the towers along the path of the critters.  (Try not to have the connecting towers perpendicular to the alien path otherwise you’ll find them to be rather ineffective).  You’ll be surprised at what positions you can place a pair of red lasers.
  • Multiple red laser towers can be coupled together, so try and keep them as a pack so you increase the number of shots.
  • Lasers have a fair amount of cool down time, so use them in combination with slow towers to maximise on their effectiveness.
  • Don’t bother hording the special spells.  You don’t get extra points for collecting the spells, so cast them appropriately to help you topple the aliens.
  • In some rounds you pretty much have to cast the special spells to beat some of the waves. (e.g. using the tornado on the big strong blue aliens).
  • If you can destroy all the enemies, then you’ll maximise the chances of collecting all the spells that are dropped (and the cash too).

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Developers: iDreams

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