Bag It! (by Hidden Variable) on your Android Phone

Bag It!: Top notch grocery packing tetris game which morphs into bagging mayhem!

Usually when you think of doing the groceries, the packing part is a bit of a chore… in fact… come to think of it, I like those supermarkets where someone does the bagging for you.  But this game converts this mundane task into a skill and artform!  Check out some of the good points below…

Gameplay: On the screen your cute shopping items shuffle along the conveyor belt and you put them into your brown bags.  But you have to be careful not to crush Sir Eggward and his other friends!  Real life logic applies here because when you bag the items, you want your heavy items at the bottom and your weaker items at the top.  The aim is literally to pack your bag with the different shaped items… kind of like Tetris with more special rules.

So that’s the main gameplay.  Each level has its own pass criteria as well as a special bonus medal, but the general rule of thumb is that you want to pack everything in a low number of bags and in as quick a time as possible.  Speaking of bonuses, this where this game excels because there’s loads of hidden extras: special combos; unlockable games; extra bonus levels.  In short, Bag It! has way more gameplay than one could believe!  This game has taken its core and twisted it into several refined variations much like how Train Conductor has maxed itself out.  You’re given crushing levels and endless rampages – I won’t go on as the unlocking aspect is part of the surprise of this game.

Fab parts: The artwork here is really cool and sweet.  The cartoony images bring a lot of character to the game and the animations really bring everything to life.  Most importantly for me though, my girlfriend found this game to be an absolute laugh and I’d say the swish cutesy graphics definitely had a contributing factor.  Music and sound effects compliment the artwork perfectly and enhance the fun and love!

Rating: 5/5  A top notch puzzle game which will bring a smile to your face.  It’s quick and easy enough for causal gamers to enjoy and yet also intricate and detailed enough for the pro gamers out there.  Although I’d like to go into more detail about the various different levels, I actually think that would spoil the game for you.  Why?  Well because over half this game is about the surprise elements and unlocking the special stages.

How can I vouch for this game?  Well because my partner went nuts showing me how to pack groceries *properly*…. Yeah who would have thought eh?

My only quarm in this game is that I think some of the objects and physics make no sense… I mean: have you even seen a melon smash itself or get crushed by other melons?  But hey it’s just a game – so don’t be too serious!  Go download it and give it a try!



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Bag It! Tips from Android Game Reviews

Some general knowledge will help you to think about what order things should go in, but don’t treat the game too realistically.  You may have to do things which you’d normally consider unthinkable – e.g. turning the egg box on its side… (do people really do that in real life??)… or placing a melon on egg boxes momentarily…

If you’re finding that some of those sub challenges seem totally impossible, then try the following:

  • Rotate some of the items which you usually leave upright – this may use up some of those gaps.
  • Put the same type of banana inverted on top of each other because it usually maximises space usage.
  • The order which you put things in is crucial because you can accidentally block yourself with big items.  So notice that you can still pick up an item even if only a glimmer of it appears on the screen.
  • You can learn the order which items appear to maximise your bagging solution.
  • Sometimes you do need to crush some items to fit everything in.  (We’re not totally sure, but some of the medals seem to be exclusive from the level pass requirements).

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Developers: Hidden Variable

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