Train Conductor 2 (by the Voxel Agents) on your Android Phone

Train Conductor 2: Travel the states of America and guide all the trains across the tracks safely!

We put out a press release of Train Conductor 2 a few weeks back, and since then we’ve been pretty hooked!  Some of you may recognise the screenshots of this game from when it was first released by the Voxel Agents on the iPhone about a couple of years ago.  But in any case, check out its good points and our game tips on how to beat your mates below!

Gameplay:  The core of the game has a few railway tracks on the screen and trains will chug across.  Your job is to drag and create new tracks in order to connect the train to its correct destination.  If your vehicle travels to the right line then you’ll get a point (…and if it doesn’t then a point is deducted).  As well as creating new rails, when you tap on a train then it’ll stop and stay stationary until you tap on it again.  As with real life… don’t let any trains collide otherwise the round is over and your highest score will get logged.

So far, the game is very logical and matches up with what you’d expect from a train management sim… but there’s much more than that and the variety is quite vast given that it’s all based on one core concept.  Each and every level has a distinct and unique attribute which adds to the overall character of this game.  For instance, there are obstructions inbetween tracks; trains will travel at variable speeds and you have to navigate huge valleys…  There are also special night levels but we won’t go through this here as that’ll just spoil your surprise.

Instant Action: Train Conductor is fast and fun gameplay which is designed so well that you don’t really think about the intricacies.  But actually there’s a lot of good graphics with cool music tracks.  Most importantly though, the controls work seamlessly and you shouldn’t find yourself frustrated.

Compete against your friends: Amongst our team we had a ball competing against each other on the same phone, and we suggest you do the same too.  But we know sometimes it’s hard to get together with mates mid week, and in those cases you can share your score on Facebook and compete online – pretty nifty. 

Rating: 5/5 Train Conductor 2 is a great game which shows how much variety can be packed into one single game style.  It’s very well tuned and the difficulty is just right.  The key to enjoying this game is to challenge your friends to see who’ll get the highest score.  As a single player game, the pros/gurus out there may find that this won’t keep them entertained for long enough, but that’s probably because they didn’t realise that they can still play ‘Challenge’  mode, which is different from ‘Classic’ mode!

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Train Conductor 2 Tips from Android Games Review

When it comes to competing, we’re maniacs at figuring games out and we always try to better each other’s score as much as possible!  So learn how we got at least 100 points in every stage in Classic Mode…

  • The trains always start off a bit slower to ease you into the game.  However, we’ve found this indirectly shocks the mind when the trains increase in speed.  To improve your consistency with scoring: switch on the fast forward initially, and turn it off when the trains get faster.  The slight duration where the trains are going too fast will improve your reaction speed so you’re ready for the rush hour bouts.
  • Stay calm… It’s actually possible to stop almost all the trains and carefully calculate which crossings should come first, second and third…
  • When you’ve stopped a train, don’t worry about trains coming behind it – they’ll automatically slow to a halt.
  • Don’t be too greedy – sometimes it’s not possible to get all trains to their destination and you need to lose some points to free up some exit lanes.
  • Survival is the most important thing first – the longer you survive, then the more points you can score (i.e. then you can let some trains go to the wrong place and count on recouping the lost points).
    • … as an example that this works – on one level I was playing, two trains almost crashed head-on so I stopped them both at the last minute and just left them there.  Although I lost points because the stationary trains obstructed exit routes for the rest of the game, I still managed to get over 100 points because the train management became easier.
  • If you’re in rush hour and you’re planning on stopping many trains, then try and tap on it as soon as it appears on the screen.  That way, you won’t have another train behind it which you’ll need to remember to stop.
  • Most collisions will happen because a train intersects with the side of a crossing one.  Therefore, to reduce this effect: try and make your crossings occur in the middle where possible.  This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but it does help to try and stay centred.
  • So in short, if you couldn’t be bothered to read the above:  Practise stopping all the trains and slowly connecting them to their destination.  You’ll realise that the game automatically compensates and you won’t be inundated with so many trains that they’ll crash.

Make sure you play the Challenge mode after you’ve been through the Classic tracks because the layout and the points are different!

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Developers: The Voxel Agents

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