NBA Pro Basketball 2010 | Android Games Review

Tragically bad basketball game port – download it to remind yourself of how good some of the other games on the market are!

[Ed (Jan 2012): When we reviewed this game back in June, this was some tragically old port… it’s subsequently been removed from the Android Market which we’re happy about.  However, you’re probably looking for a decent basket ball game.  If that’s the case, then check out StarDunk]

Gameplay: Imagine basketball on your phone in that semi 3D side on view.  You hold the phone landscape, and there’s a D-pad on the left as well as a dial pad on the right hand side of the screen.  Use the phone-like buttons to play the game.  There’s a tutorial which guides you through how to play the game, and it seems simple enough.

Good points about the game: … … I think I might actually be stuck on trying to think of something good to say.

Verdict:  0/5 I really don’t like slamming games, but I was just checking out this one  because I was curious to see what sports games there were on the mobile.  I was very surprised to see such a shockingly bad game which has the NBA label on it.  But it seems like a lot of the sports games seem as dreadful as this one.  Pretty much everything you can think of is missing in this game, so I shan’t say anymore.  To sum it all up, this is like playing NBA on your old SNES… but worse….

Developers: Cottage2

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