Android Games Review: Stardunk (GodziLAB Games)

Graphically beautiful mini basketball shooting game which is perfect for killing time.

Gameplay: You have a sideways 2D view of the game and you’re given a ball, and a basketball hoop.  Where you touch on the screen will determine the trajectory that the ball is thrown at.  The aim is simple – shoot as many hoops as you can in 2 minutes and get as high a score as possible.  So it’s slightly Angry-birds style, but with basketballs.  There’s a special backboard which has 4 pressure pads.  If you manage to trigger them all then you get special powers such as, a larger hoop,  power balls or triple balls shots.  Each of your successful shots will accumulate points, and depending on how it went in then you’ll get a different multiplier applied.

Stardunk doesn’t end there though – there’s many different unlockable ball types with different attributes.  There’s also some features which can be unlocked with “Star points” – a bonus system related to OpenFeint (i.e. you get bonuses for playing other OpenFeint games).

One of the best things though, is the live realtime contest where you can compete with other people to try and get as high a score as possible!  Some truly addictive stuff for those competitive people out there!

Abstract beauty: This is an example of a very simple game but made and polished to perfection!  There’s great theming throughout with decent music tracks, perfect sound effects, and good font stylisation.  The best thing is the graphics with the beautiful glow and pretty particle effects.  The planet in the background is rather cool and it’s functional because it displays players and their score when you’re playing online via OpenFeint.  When the timer runs out, then your last shot will be in a majestic slow motion effect… so cool.

Verdict: 4/5 What a great little gem Stardunk is.  Simple, pretty and addictive.  By itself this is a great time waster, but I think the OpenFeint functionality is what makes this game truly spectacular.  I think this is a must try for all!

Stardunk Gameplay Trailer

Stardunk QR Code (Click on the image or scan the code with your phone to goto Android Market)

Developers: GodziLAB

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