Butt Vader Review

Butt Vader: For the poo connoisseurs out there…

If aliens crash on our planet, what would they look like?  What would they eat?  What kind of technology would they have?  Well some indie developers have taken their thoughts and turned it into a rather personal game.  In this story, the hero (Butt Vader) has crash landed on Earth and now needs to refuel his spaceship to escape.  However, his ship runs on a special kind of methane found only in human excrement… yeah… the toilet humour doesn’t stop there…

Gameplay: This game is strikingly similar to Replica Island, so let’s talk about that first.  Replica Island is a free and open-source game for Android.  It’s a retro style platformer game which was developed by Chris Pruett who works for Google.  Replica Island is particularly famous in the games development world because Chris gave lectures at Google IO about what he learnt from producing, refining and marketing the game.  Anyway so the game has a very particular look about it, and the controls are simple: you have left, right, jump and attack… the buttons have quite a distinctive look about them.  You control an Android, and the general aim is to survive and get to the end of the level.

So you might be thinking at the moment, why the heck am I going on about an incredibly famous platformer?  You came here to hear about Butt Vader… well, the truth is that Butt Vader is basically Replica Island, but it’s been reskinned (badly) to turn it into another game.  There’s also a disgusting price tag slapped onto the game (whilst there is no mention that the Replica Island source code was used!!)

Replica Island vs Butt Vader:  If you’ve ever played Replica Island (and we suggest you do), then pretty much everything in Butt Vader will remind you of it.  As soon as you start, the first pop up control screen is the same.  When speech captions pop up, it’s the same as Replica Island.  But instead of an Android, there’s Butt Vader who looks like a green gooey biped. 

Graphics: Horrendous!  The graphics are disgustingly bad because the background and foreground are very difficult to distinguish.  Static objects are easily mistaken as real enemies because of the detail in them.  Animations are something like 3 frames so everything looks quite revolting.

Music and Sound effects:  Replica Island didn’t have music, and so this doesn’t have music either.  All sound effects in Butt Vader have been replaced with very juvenile farting noises…

Good stuff: I really want to say something to support this game, but I feel like the developers have somehow made a bet with someone that no one will review their game, and hence they came to us to ask us to review it!

Some negatives: Multiple bugs… screen goes green sometimes… Butt Vader can jump through walls.  After the first level it says “You earned a new achievement do you want to post it to Facebook?”… seriously… who in their right mind would want to post a sh**ty game to their Facebook!  The level designs are just frustratingly bad and aren’t enjoyable to play.

Sometimes popups come up which force the player to rate the game… that’s really wrong because players should be given the choice.  The menu looks as bad as their toilet humour.  No thought has gone into the menu flow nor the transitions screens.  The % poo bars don’t appear to move at all.  I think you get the picture.

Rating: 1/5 Butt Vader… what a pile of s**t.  We really tried to review this, but it seems so wrong to badly modify Free Open Source Code and then try to get people to buy it!  Purchase this game only if you like singing about poo all the time…

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Developers: MobileGameDeveloper

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