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Coin Dozer: The virtual fair ground coin dropping time waster

If you grew up in the 90s you will remember going to the temporarily built summer fair grounds where you can enjoy the speed of the roller coasters and terrors of the haunted mansions. Then having gotten all the excitement you could take, you could relax in the wonder that was the video games arcades, amongst the cabinets there would always be a section of simple coin dropping games. Coin Dozer is a virtual mobile version of these once popular machines.

The gameplay couldn’t be simpler. Drop your supply of gold coins on to the platform so that your coins will be pushed towards you. Coins that fall off the end will be given back to you however coins that fall off the side gutters will be lost forever.

The secret is to accurately time and place your coin drops so that the oscillating tray will push all the other coins on the platform vertically and not horizontally. This is easier said than done as the coins are round, there will always be some component of sideward force. Apologies, I was at risk of digressing into a mini physics lesson just now =P.

You can’t just spam all your coins at once as the game limits you to just four drops every couple of seconds. This is just as well as if you did do that all your coins would pile on top of each other although it would have been nice to have the option to go wild. Impressively Coin Dozer quite accurately replicates the machines it’s trying to imitate, they have even added in a shake feature. Unfortunately what it’s trying to imitate is a pointless and repetitive experience. In real life the prizes are unattractive items that would normally find in cheap Christmas crackers and it’s no different in this mobile version.

Presentation wise, though the graphics are sharp and smooth, the style and coloring could have been better. The prizes themselves which is what you are arguably playing the game for are drab and dull which makes for a rather standard looking package.

Verdict:  2.0/5 A rather pointless and repetitive game with no thrills prizes just like the real thing. Since it’s free you might find it mildly entertaining if you have some time to kill are running low on games for your Android.


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