Babel Rising 3D Review

Babel Rising 3D: Unleash your godly powers and rain destruction upon the puny humans!

A few weeks back we put out a press release for this game because the visuals looked stunning and the concept seemed pretty unique and interesting.  Back then this game was a purchase only app, but now it’s become Freemium!

Gameplay: You play as a god of the elements and you’ve got a gripe with the humans who are trying to build a tower to the heavens.  No mortal should be close to your domain and so you unleash your fury to punish them.  Death and destruction is thrown down by casting earth, fire, wind or water spells (no heart… so no Captain Planet *sob *).  Pretty much every time you tap on the screen then you can kill some of the humans and your aim is simple: kill as many earthlings as you can.  In each round these small people carrying crates will run around an incomplete tower and if they reach the unbuilt parts then they’ll disappear with their payload and help construct the building.  You must stop them before the tower is complete!

Hopefully the destruction factor is something that appeals to you and if so then this game could be quite addictive for you.  There’s both a survival and campaign mode so even if you get stuck on the specific missions then you still enjoy the game in all its glory in the non-stop survival mode.  Regardless of the game mode, in each level you can only use two elements at a time and so you need to put some thought towards what strategy to employ.

Unique Gameplay: I’m quite sure this distinctive 3D tap and destroy gameplay will stand out for most people.  As per the game reviews on Google Play, many people find it quite addictive.  There’s also integration with Papaya which will help you broadcast your winning feats with friends on this Social Gaming platform.

Graphics: Spectacular and stunning fully rendered 3D graphics. This definitely must be downloaded by those out there who want to test their 3D devices.  (It’s also a game to show off your phone’s capabilities.)  The tower itself looks good and the elements you throw down are all snazzy looking with realistic particle effects.

Interface:  The controls are disgustingly awful.  They’re so treacherously bad that the developers involved in this part should be hunted down, tied up and burned at the stake.  Yes that’s right, they’ve ruined most of this game.  It’s so unbearably hard to get good control, and the result is that you effectively need to grind through the game to power up your spells so that you can actually play without any multi-touch spells.

“What’s all the aggresiveness?” you may be thinking.  Well just to explain, you can touch down and drag to move up and down levels on the tower as well as turning around the tower.  But there are some stronger spells where you need to keep one finger pressed on the screen whilst you swipe with your other finger (to indicate where the spells are casted).  However, the triggers are so bad that you frequently end up changing your viewpoint.  Alternatively your spell is casted inside the babel building where it has no effect on the humans.  Tragic… what adds to the pain is that you must cast these stronger spells to pass most levels.  (The single touch low level spells just don’t cool down fast enough for you to use them all the time.)

Freemium Model: A few weeks back this was actually a paid game, but recently it was converted into a freemium game.  With this setup you can earn gold coins which you can then spend on purchasing spell upgrades.  There’s only one currency system which means that it’s theoretically possible to earn everything for free.  Unfortunately, if you run through the calculations then you’ll realise that it’s probably unlikely that the average person would have enough time to grind through this game to earn the gold coins.  (In other words you would probably have to pay to properly enjoy this game).

Gut feel:  Overall the feeling of destroying the people who are working hard to erect a building just doesn’t feel that good… I feel evil in a bad way.  I think the problem is that the people really do look like tortured Egyptian slaves – I would much rather they actually look like Lemmings or something.  This feeling aside, I feel annoyed that I seem like such a lame god because my spells aren’t always available and they don’t seem to really do that much damage.  So on the destruction side of things I feel like I should be doing more damage instead of actually killing the humans.

Rating: 3/5 Babel Rising 3D is a truly unique game with stunning graphics.  If your phone can run the game then you should check this out and hopefully the game will improve with future updates.  Although the overall review was quite pessimistic, it’s just clear that there’s plenty of room for improvement.

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Babel Rising 3D Tips from Android Games Review:

  • To have a decent chance of winning levels you need your most basic spell to be upgraded once so that you can cast two spells in relatively quick succession.
  • If you’re having problems casting the multi-touch line spells then try casting them slower.  That means you need to keep one finger pressed down for a fraction of a second before casting the actual spell with your second finger.
  • To improve your spell line and prevent it from going into the walls then try and draw your spell in a straight line where possible (instead of curving it with the building).
  • The curvature of the tower means that getting maximum damage horizontally is quite difficult.  Therefore an alternative is to cast the spell vertically where the humans start turning around the tower.  Unfortunately, doing this means that if you miss (or the spell mis-casts) then you won’t see those humans again until they walk all the way around to the next level.
  • If you get stuck and you need to earn coins to level up your spells then play the survival mode because it seems like you can earn coins fastest there.

Developers: AMA Mobile

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