Parallel Zombies Press Release

PerBlue to release Parallel Zombies, a Location-Based Action MMORPG for Android.  Save your city from hordes of zombies starting July 19th.

Parallel Zombies is set in a post-apocalyptic and zombie infested world. Players interact in their cities with other survivors in real-time. This MMORPG will have players slashing through zombies in their own backyard to complete missions, and help save the world.

PerBlue’s other flagship titles include, Parallel Kingdom and Parallel Mafia, both deep, location-based MMORPG games for Android and iOS devices.


Save your city from hordes of zombies starting July 19th

  • Save the World: Slash through swarms of zombies as you rescue survivors and save humanity from the flesh-eating menace.
  • Team Up: Fight alongside other players in real time with drop-in-drop-out multiplayer while completing missions and gaining experience.
  • Get Stronger: Slaughter enemies to level up and earn specialized skills, or collect components to craft deadly weapons.
  • Defend & Destroy: Connect with survivors on your street and protect your neighborhood using GPS technology.
  • Customize Your Character: Choose from three class specializations, and arm your avatar with your weapon of choice and skills to master.


“Parallel Zombies marks our third title in PerBlue’s family of location-based mobile games. We’re excited to put an eerie spin on the classic zombie survival game. You never know, there might be a zombie lurking in your own backyard.”

Justin Beck, PerBlue Co-Founder and CEO


Developers: PerBlue

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