Beat Your Boss 18+ Android Review

Beat the Boss 18+: Disgruntled employees have the opportunity to get their own back.

Feelings of hatred towards the boss is nothing new and have existed since the early of days of mankind. As long as people are forced to do something they do not want to do from a person of greater authority then there will always be this resentment. As such, a spate of boss beating games have appeared in recent months on mobile devices and web alike. I noticed “Beat Your Boss” was high on the Google Play download charts and wanted to find out what the fuss was about.

Almost all of the games of the genre feature cartoony visuals allowing you escape from the realms of reality and release your anger with the comfort of knowing that reality is far away. The first thing I noticed when I loaded the app was the somewhat eerie visuals. By no means realistic but with enough detail and animation for you to take notice. Individual parts of the face move independently of each other much like a real person’s face. Eyes and eyebrow move in relation as well as the constant head bobbing movement when a person is breathing. The games designers have done a good job in bringing the poor victim to life. This is where all the positives end however.

The creators have decided the boss will be chained up in their edition to this genre, this could not have been a bigger mistake. I immediately lost all desire to inflict pain on someone defenceless to protect themselves. It’s no secret that people are inherently violent, just look at the number of violent video games out on the market. However people also have compassion and sympathy. Faced with a poor helpless individual, people lose the desire to cause misfortune. You see, the negative feelings towards your boss comes from the fact they are in a seemingly more fortunate situation than yourself, it’s a completely relative concept.

The game is not so much beat your boss but torture the prisoner. This is made worse with the fact that the random bearded man looks nothing like the average looking boss. He looks more like a hotel chef with his white overalls and white ribbon. You start your torture session with pair of fists. Tapping on the punch icons swings your fists towards the shackled captive, each progressive punch dealing more and more damage. After you knock him out you are “awarded” with a set new weapons to use. Needless to say these additional weapons did not help in making the game anymore fun.

Verdict 0.5/5.0: Disappointing game on all accounts given the number of downloads and chart position on Google Play. The game creators have failed to understand people and have created a game for the wretches of society. Avoid this game like the plague.


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