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Minigame Paradise: Entertaining collection of cute minigames

The makers of the popular shape dividing game Slice it! have released their latest Android offering, Minigame Paradise. As the name quite unsubtly suggests, it is a bundled collection of minigames. This time round they have kept to the cute and adorable look and feel and cranked it up several notches. Will it have the same appeal as the popular Slice it!? Read on to find out.

Gameplay: With a total of 10 minigames to choose from, there’s plenty of content here to keep you occupied. The games keep to minigame heuristics in that they are very simple to pick up and play, most of them stick to just single tap controls. In general I have found that whilst minigames are easy to pick up and play, it’s equally easy to put down. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these games were surprisingly addictive. All the games are varied and offer a different gaming dynamic to others. From the simple slalom skiing where you need to navigate between tree posts, to a surprisingly complex side scrolling beat em up which includes bosses, a levelling up system and upgradable weapons (arguably a complete enough game in its own right).

The game starts off with 4 available games, the remaining games are unlocked using the stars you collect during play. I found that the makers have made it a little too difficult to unlock games as the Android version does not have the option to sign up to various 3rd party services to earn additional stars like the iOS version does. I unfortunately felt forced to play the game too much in order to collect stars which took the fun out somewhat. You can always reach for your wallet to buy stars, something I’m sure the makers want you to do.

Difficult unlocking aside, I was impressed with the number of characters that are gradually trickled out for you to play. Each character comes with their own strength and weaknesseswhich you can compensate with by equipping various items on them. As a consequence each character plays slightly differently on each of the levels and can be the difference of you becoming listed on the local or global leaderboards. This is a nice feature which improves the game replay value greatly. The graphics are super cute and quirky with matching fun and happy music. The style undoubtedly appeals more to female audiences but there’s no reason why guys can’t pick this game up unless they are particularly alpha male about things.

Verdict: 3.5/5 All in all, Minigame Paradise is very fun and enjoyable. Not quite a paradise but more wonderland. Its secret comes in the variety of gameplay to stave off the boredom and with the promise of extra characters and items to upgrade them, your next target is never that far away.

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Developers: Com2us

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