Zombie Granny Review

Zombie Granny: Zap and bash the ghouls in this physics destruction puzzle game!

Since Plants Vs Zombies there‘s been a huge swathe of zombie titles pushed out onto market, but here’s one undead game that you must try.  On first glances at the promo images of Zombie Granny, it looks slightly hit and miss because of the cartoony zombies, but actually this is an awesome puzzle game which is an excellent addition to your zombies games folder.

Gameplay:  Your aim is to exterminate the living dead.  You start the game with easy levels which intuitively explain all the 2D platform physics and most importantly: if you drop glowing orbs onto the green enemies then they’ll be fried to death.  The balls of death are triggered by swiping on the screen to cut the tethers which hold it in place.  Generally these spheres are suspended with two lines, so as soon as you cut one then the sphere will start swinging.  If you time the bisection of the suspension line carefully then you can maximise the destruction your ball creates.

Electric orbs are the most pleasurable way of zapping the zombies, but generally any falling boxes, barrels or planks can bash the ghouls to death.  Similarly, any sort of electric tether, chain or wire can be cut by your finger swipes to ensue destruction.  You can’t be gung ho and slash everything instantly though because you need to think about the order and timing of how to make your death balls hit all your targets.  This is where the core puzzle element is and it’s darn good because some levels really make you think.

Even after you figure out how to beat the level, the competition doesn’t stop there because you need to complete the level in a certain amount of time to get the maximum three jewels.  There are also these hidden puzzle pieces which give you cool achievements once you’ve got enough of them.

Three different worlds are available: Stonehenge is the first one (and it’s free) and the other two need to be unlocked with gems or by doing an in-app-purchase.  I’ve found that the first one is pretty decent play so it’s definitely worth trying.

Music & Sound Effects: The music is funky and has this awesome pirate feel.  In particular, I think the xylophone music just seems very appropriate to match the puzzle element.  Sound effects are cutish and seem to suit well.  Personally I feel more happy with louder explosions and more sensation of inflicting pain in the killing… but maybe I just like the gratuitous violence sometimes!

Graphics: The look and feel is very good.  Sometimes mismatches or pixelation problems can really stand out but eventhough Zombie Granny has a few slight clashes here and there, overall it’s not noticeable and it feels like excellent stylisation.  The movements of the zany animated characters are fantastic and it all feels alive.

Controls: Generally the interface has excellent responsiveness.  Any delay or touch inaccuracy would be down to your physical device.  We did find that drawing multiple lines simultaneously was difficult to do on our Samsung Galaxy SII test device.

Level Design:  We’re just highlighting this area of excellence because it takes a real genius to think of intricate and complicated looking levels which are fun and satisfying to play.  Many of the early stages are easy to complete but it takes a lot of skill to layout levels in interesting ways which test the gamers whilst also giving them good satisfaction.

Rating: 4.5/5 Zombie Granny is a superb physics game with intricate brain teasing puzzles.  It’s immediately free content is a bit short but it seems like there’s an option of playing the rest without paying still.  We highly recommend you download this game to try!

Zombie Granny Tips from Android Games Review:

  • It seems like it’s possible to play the whole game for almost free if you get the free GetJar points by downloading other games.
  • The tips will keep suggesting you things like using the bombs, but you don’t get stars for using bombs, and they effectively cost money.
  • If you complete all the levels, check on the menu screen to see if you’ve three starred all of them and replay the game to try and collect all the puzzle pieces.
  • If you’re really stuck on a level, then check to make sure you can see all the chains and links you can cut.  Then consider any long wooden planks carefully – can it be rebalanced in different ways to change the flow of your death balls?

Developers: i-Free Innovations

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