Stylish Sprint Review

Stylish Sprint: Non stop stickman running, jumping and smashing action! 

I’ve seen some horrible stickman games before so when I first saw Stylish Sprint I was slightly apprehensive… but the 3D stickman in the icon won me over because it did look “stylish”!  Check out what we thought of this runner game below.

Gameplay: This is a 3D side scrolling runner game where you control a stickman with two buttons.  These onscreen touch zones will make you jump or do a punch action.  The jump button dynamically changes so you tap once to jump; tap in mid-air to double jump; tap and hold to fly.  It’s actually more of a helicopter float, but you can stay in the air as long as you have energy in your power gauge.  For the main character, the “action” is a punch, but we expect the other female and fat man characters to have a similar offensive blast move.  The aim is to survive as long as possible whilst collecting the coins and powerups along the way.  One awesome thing about this game is that it’s not just a boring runner game, instead there are multiple levels and quests which break this game up and make it enjoyable for everybody.

After every running session, your distance and coins are converted into credits.  If you accumulate enough of these credits then you can purchase items and powerups.  Although the item prices are on the high side, you do have to remember that the game is quite simple and these “SP Points” can be acquired relatively easily.  This means that if you have enough time you can acquire all the extras in this game for free.

Music and Sound Effects: Funky music greets you on the menu screen and immediately sets the tone for the game.  Within the levels the music is also uplifting and enjoyable.  The sound effects are similar in that they just sound happy and sparkly.

Graphics: Beautiful and vivid 3D backgrounds are applied to the levels.  All the characters and items look very polished.  You can’t fault the game in terms of looks.  It’s all so spankingly pretty that you feel inclined to attain every achievement.

Interface:  As soon as you start, the cool interactive menu screen lets you rotate and turn your running hero.  Within the game itself, the developers have made sure that the experience is smooth and enjoyable.  Decent interaction has been taken into account so none of the buttons are unresponsive or too hard to press because they’re actually touch zones rather than buttons.

Gut Feel: First impressions are that the game is definitely good.  We straw polled a few friends and all of them thought the graphics were hot.   In fact most of them were subsequently addicted to the game and just wished that the gameplay was a bit faster.  However, there was also another thing picked up:  They experienced a delay between pressing action button and seeing the response on screen.  But this delay was actually just the character getting in position to do the requested action.  (Please bear in mind that I was asking hardcore gamers which care about their “actions per minute” in their games.)  Overall this is quite a fantastic running game, especially when you compare it to games like Running Panda.  The look and feel is good, and the quests set mini goals which make the game more enjoyable.  There are also two mini challenge games which can give you a break from all the running.

Rating: 4/5 Stylish Sprint is an addictive running game that’s extremely well polished and is perfect for your mini breaks.  The pricey items will have you playing this game for a long time.

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Stylish Sprint Tips from Android Games Review:

  • Consider your runner’s actions quite realistically.  So before you do any action, your runner will get good footing before launching into the requested movement.  If you know that there will be a fractional delay prior to every action then you can plan your movements in advance.  (Don’t expect instantaneous response otherwise you’ll just think the game is laggy… which it isn’t!)
  • It’s quite difficult to understand how the credits are calculated at the end of the level.  But it seems as though there is heavier weighting to surviving longer rather than just going along picking up the coins.
  • You will eventually need to purchase the upgrades.  We suggest saving your money and buying the items which will permanently increase your attributes in the way you want.  Don’t go for the weak items though.  Save up to get the strong effect ones where you’ll definitely be able to realise the benefits.
  • If you do need to buy the singular powerups, try and think carefully about if you would earn enough credits in a round to warrant their usage.

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Developers: Pictosoft

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