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Logo Quizzes: Check out three different versions of brand testing games currently available for Android

It’s common knowledge that companies spend tons of money on advertising and branding, but have you ever wondered how effective it all is?  Now’s your chance to experiment on yourself and see how many you can recognise.

We looked at three versions of Logo Quizzes which are currently available for Android devices and compared them against each other.  These apps were developed by J-roen, Carlos Alcarria and AndroidCrowd.

[If you’ve come here looking for logo quiz answers, then scroll down to our tips section below where we have images of all the answers for J-roen’s Logo Quiz, Carlos Alcarria’s Logo Quiz and even the iPhone logo quiz!]

Gameplay: Across the three different logo quiz games, the core mechanism is the same: you select one of the unidentified logos and then you try to name it.  Most of the time the full logo is shown, but sometimes the company name is part of the brand and so the text is purposely left out.  Once you get the exact company name then you get either a green tick or some points.  The aim is to identify all the logos.

First Impressions: As a brand identification game, then J-roen’s style and look was miles ahead of the other two games on the market.  It just looked slick and impressive with it’s nice stylisation and clean screenshots.  Here’s a great example of how good game icons and screenshots can make a huge difference to downloads because J-roen’s game has over a million downloads putting it about 10 times more popular than its competitors.  Carlos Alcarria and AndroidCrowd really need to look at their own game images and understand the importance of branding!

Fun factor: Although J-roen’s offering is the most popular, bizarrely it actually has the least amount of logos to identify.  You can get through almost all the icons with a good half hour to an hour session.  Whereas Alcarria and AndroidCrowd’s games have over 250 logos, thus making their core gameplay much better.  In addition to having more logos, they have levels built in which break the game up and give players more of a reason to play the game.  J-roen and AndroidCrowd have points associated with naming the brands correctly which is great when you want to compete with your friends and distinguish who’s better.  So in terms of core gameplay AndroidCrowd has the best mix.

Graphics: I’m not biased towards J-roen, but their version of Logo Quiz has the cleanest images in the grid view and zoomed up.  It’s the most important part of the game so the insignias must be presented as pretty as possible.  Alcarria’s game is the worst in this area because there aren’t always transparent backgrounds behind the logos.  So in some ways I feel like they tarnish the brands and present them badly!

Interface: Given that music isn’t important here then the player interaction with the game is critical.  Buttons should be placed in intuitive places and navigation around the game should be quick and easy.  Unfortunately, J-roen’s game is style over substance because it’s tough to spot the logo’s you’ve identified incorrectly.  AndroidCrowd is a bit better with its clear green ticks to signify which logos you’ve found.  Alcarria might be the best for identifying your solved logos by clearly labelling them with a green tick and making them greyscale.  However, their back button isn’t integrated into the controls which means that you’ll quit the game instantly upon pressing back – quite annoying.

Why must you try these games?  It’s a laugh to play this in couples or with friends.  Interestingly there are multiple things you might spot: guys would recognise more of the car insignias, whereas girls are more likely to know the fashion brands.  The older you are, the more likely you’ll fare better.  It’s rather odd how much your subconscious mind absorbs and identifies images.  For instance, I saw a red rectangular box with a four pointed crown and the word “international”… I suddenly thought of panties and I just thought I really had it on the mind!  I was surprised to find out it was actually Triumph (the female underwear company) *phew*

What’s missing?  Hints and tips are missing from all the games, so if you’re stuck then Google is your friend.  You then need to try and describe the logo and search for it online.  There is a fantastic logo quiz out on the iPhone already and it totally eclipses all the Android versions and just shows how the game should be made.  There needs to be many logos, split into levels, with hints and tips.  On top of this there is integration with Facebook which lets you publically ask all your friends to help identify the insignias.  Voila…

More to come:  I doubt this is the end of this series of games and I suspect there will be several more versions and iterations which show regional brands and maybe age differentiated logos etc.

Rating: 3/5 All the Android logo quiz games are playable.  Perhaps the cleanest and shortest one is the production by J-roen, which is great for a taster.  If you’re looking for a more thorough game then we would suggest AndroidCrowd’s game which has a system which tells you if your guess is close.  Carlos Alcarria’s game is still playable, but with bad image handling and no score, we’d rank it below AndroidCrowd’s logo quiz.  If you have an iOS device, then check out the Logo Quiz there which is far superior to any thing on Android at the moment.


Logo Quiz Tips from Android Games Review:

  • Do you want to see something interesting?  If you get stuck on a logo, try describing it in Google and you’ll find that the autocorrect will probably complete your question correctly for you!  (Because many other people are probably googling the same thing!)  Shame it doesn’t necessarily give you the answer.

Logo Quiz Answers are below but we suggest you only look at the answers once you and your friends definitely can’t answer any more (it’s more fun that way).  We’ve got the logo quiz answers for you here (just click the links to see the images):

Logo Quiz Answers Android (Carlos Alcarria):

Logo Quiz Answers Android (J-roen):

If you’re just looking for Car logos, designer logos or airline logos and their answers then look no further:
Finally for you iPhone users out there:

Developers: J-roen, Carlos Alcarria, AndroidCrowd 


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