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DOOORS – Challenging yet greatly satisfying brain and puzzle game

The unique head scratching puzzler gets its own android port. If you like a challenge and to use your brain to analyse and solve puzzles then DOOORS should be just the right game for you. I warn you however, it will test your patience and put your hair at risk if you get stuck!

[UPDATED – If you have come here looking for DOOORS answers and solutions, we have provided them in the tips section below – ALL 50 Level solutions are below]

Gameplay: You are trapped behind a series of locked doors,  called “DOOORS” (I am not sure why the need to shout and deliberate bad spelling, but let’s just go with it) which you have to use the clues on the screen to solve the puzzle in order to unlock and progress to the next door. The clues range from blindingly obvious at the start, to gradually ease you in, to well hidden towards the later stages of the game.

What’s unique about DOOORS is its clever use of smart phone features, from the given touch screen gestures like dragging and touching to the phone’s accelerometer tilting and shaking use in order to solve the puzzles. For instance you need to tilt the phone in order to roll a ball across the room to see what’s behind it or hold the phone upside down for a period of time to unlock a door. I don’t want to say too much as it will spoil the game for you so you can fully enjoy this gem.

The graphics are nothing to scream and shout about but are clean and polished enough to give you a good gaming experience. It took me just over an hour over a period a few days to go through the 25 doors but should take you less if you are good at problem solving. What’s a little disappointing is that this Android port is missing some 10 levels, the iphone version which has been out for several months has 35 doors. I suspect the developers are having trouble with developing on the fragmented hardware on Android, let’s hope they release an update with all the doors soon.


Verdict: 3.5/5 Short, sweet and challenging puzzler. All puzzles and clues have strong linkages unlike some other games which leave you annoyed after you discover the solution has no relation to the clue. A little too short to deserve a higher score but for brain and puzzle fans, this is a must play.

Developers: 989 Works 



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DOOORS tips, answers, walkthrough and solutions by Android Games Review

Door 1 – Tap door to open, tap open door to proceed.

Door 2 – Tilt your phone to the left as per the clue above the door to slide open the door.

Door 3 – Tilt your phone left to uncover a key underneath the ball, tap on ball to pick up. Then tap on key in the inventory and tap on the door to unlock.

Door 4 – Pull lever to activate the door to slide, when the door is open, tap on the open door to proceed.

Door 5 – Tap on the leftmost standing light to uncover a door knob, tap on door knob to pick up and use to open Door 5.

Door 6 – Tap on light switch to switch on the lights, then tap on the switch again. Repeat until all the lights above the door turn green. The door is now unlocked.

Door 7 – The clue is to do with the pattern on the door. Tap the button top and bottom buttons on the left set of buttons and the middle one on the right to unlock the door.

Door 8 – Tap the top rightmost berry on the left plant to pick up the handle and drag the door from right to left to open it.

Door 9 – You need to time the spinning wheel on the right so that the open dot on both the wheels are green when to unlock the door. The door will only be unlocked for as long as both the dots are green. Tap the right wheel when the left one is at an 8 o clock position.

Door 10 – As per the clue, shake your phone to put out the fire, tap on the ash to reveal a crank, tap on the left plant to reveal a crank shaft, use the crank on the crank shaft and rotate the crank to open the door.

Door 11 – Use the red “berry” handle on the hole above the middle door to unlock it.

Door 12 – Notice the card suits above the door, the colours on the set of buttons need to match the colours of the suits. There’s a curve ball however, the left card suits are upside down so the buttons on the left are set upside down too. Going from top to bottom, left to right the buttons need to be black, red, red, red, white, black.

Door 13 – Pick up the match on the left torch, shake your phone until all the lights above the door turn green. Tap the door to open it and then use your match to burn the spider’s web.

Door 14 – Note the slash above the door, you need to set the sliders so that they match the gradient of the slash. The slider on the leftmost will be the highest and all the subsequent sliders on the right will be lower than the one to its left and higher than the one to its right.

Door 15 – Pick up the bomb on the bottom left of the screen. Use it on the door and then use your match to light the bomb. You will then see the clue to pull the levers in the specific order required to unlock the door; left, right, left, left, left, right and then right.

Door 16 – Lay your phone face down to unlock the door. This might be tricky as the door is only unlocked as long as the phone is face down. You may have to lift your phone above your head to do this, I did! 😛

Door 17 – Tilt your phone left to slide the rock to reveal a switch. Press the switch to turn off the lights to reveal your clue. You are presented with 2 letters, ET, note the number of squares that make up each letter. 11 for the E and 7 for the T. Now switch the switch to turn on the lights and tap on the clocks to turn the left one in the 11 o clock position and the right one to the 7 o clock position.

Door 18 – The clue suggests you need to timing tap the red buttons to push the gold balls to the top. I have found that spamming the red buttons works better so just keep pressing the red buttons until the door opens.

Door 19 – Slide up each of the side doors to reveal two switches. Press them both so that they turn green. Pick up the orange ball in the door to the right and use it on the large switch at the top of the screen, it looks like a light but it’s actually a switch. Close the both the side doors and the central door is now unlocked and you can slide it up.

Door 20 – Note the arrows at the top of the door. It’s trying to tell you that you need to arrange the patterns on the left to be a mirror image of the patterns to the right. The easiest way to do this is note the orientation of the red triangles and try to point one of the red triangles to the 12 o clock position. The door will be unlocked if successful and you can tap to open it.

Door 21 – Lay the phone flat on the table, tweak until the the light above the door is green. Slide the open door from left to right to open.

Door 22 – Tap on the floor to reveal and hidden magnifying glass under the floor tile, pick it up and use it on the right tiger’s bottom right back. You will see a black and white outline of fruits. Now set the buttons to the colours corresponding the fruits apart from the top one where you will need to use your orange ball. So the going from the bottom left to bottom right a clockwise direction the buttons should be green, yellow, red, orange, yellow, purple, red.

Door 23 – Slide all the items including the gate to the right to reveal a switch. Push it to unlock the door. Then clear a path for you to slide it open from right to left.

Door 24 – Use your match to light both torches. Note the clue on the wall, labelling the levers from left to right being 1 to 4, pull the 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 and then 4 thaw the ice. Tap the door to open it.

Door 25 – Use the magnifying glass on the Japanese Flag, to reveal the numbers 2 5 and 6 2. Now set the piles of tiles accordingly so the left most pile has 2, the one next to it has 5 and so on.

Door 26 – Slide the ladder beneath the hanging chain on the left and tap on the chain to release it. Now tap on the left chain to set the sliding door to slide and time the tap on the right chain to stop the door.

Door 27 – The hint in the number of coloured items. There is one yellow item on the wall, the sun so the yellow ball feed to the door first. next there are two blue flowers so the blue ball is fed second. Then red and finally green.

Door 28 – Note the pattern above the door. This tells us to activate the the buttons in the order starting from the bottom left, top left, bottom right, top right, right and finally left.

Door 29 – Pick the knife up at the bottom right corner and use it slash through the branches. Slide open the white doors to reveal a key on the right. Use it to open the door

Door 30 – The hint suggests the eyes of the penguins need to look at each other. So the pair on the left need to look at each other and so does the pair on the right. Tap the leftmost penguin until it is at the 1 o clock position, then tap the second from left one until it is at 7 o clock. Third penguin at 4 o clock and last penguin at 10 o clock.

Door 31 – The hint is the man doing a hand stand. You need to hold the phone vertically upside down until all the lights go green

Door 32 – Tilt the phone until the rock slides onto the red switch. Use the match to scare away the bees and the door can now be accessed.

Door 33 – Use the knife to cut the power cable on the bottom right. Note the hint on top of the door and direction the animals are facing, the rabbit symbol means that you need to slide the door right and the duck symbol left. So slide the door in the following order – right, left x 4, right x 2.

Door 34 – Tap on the plants to move them out of the way. Now the clocks suggest the orientation you need to hold the phone. Starting from left to right – hold your phone screen towards you at and point the top at the 9 o clock position then 4 o clock and so on until the door unlocks.

Door 35 – Light the candles to reveal writings on the wall. The hint here is to tap on the stack of tiles to equate to the number of letters in the corresponding words. So the leftmost stack needs to have 6 tiles as yellow has 6 letters. Going from left to right arrange the stack numbers to 6,4, 5 and then 6.

Door 36 – Tilt the phone to the right to reveal another arrow. Touch the screen where both arrows intersect to reveal a hidden button.

Door 37 – Tap the globe to reveal a special torch. Use the torch on the wall to reveal a set of countries. Now press the buttons on either side of the door that corresponds to whether the country is in the southern or northern hemisphere. So thats left, right, right, left then right.

Door 38 – Tilt your phone to try to arrange it so that the rock is on the right half and both balls are on the left.

Door 39 – Touch the four colored squares in the order of surface area on the door, starting from the largest to smallest. So thats red, green, yellow then blue.

Door 40 – Slide the door left, down and then right as the arrow suggests.

Door 41 – I’m not sure of the hint on this one but all you need to do is to shake the phone until all the lights go green.

Door 42 – Note the two colors of the circle, the hint is actually orientated the wrong way so red should suggest the element on the right and blue left. So using that tap the right wheel so it on the fire and left wheel so its on the raindrop.

Door 43 – Tap on the lower right to pick up the bucker and remote control. Use the remote to activate the screen, the lights will outline two numbers. Press the numbers so the left one is 2 and the right is 7.

Door 44 – Pick up the brush on the left side of the screen and use it to reveal a set of footprints. The one on left resembles humans and the right a bird. Tap on the pictures to set left one on the human and right one a bird.

Door 45 – Tap and release the button so that the hand is at 45 seconds on the clock.

Door 46 – Angle the screws so that they correspond to the pattern on the door. So for the left column, the top screw should be going from top left to bottom right, the next screw down from top right to bottom left and so on.

Door 47 – Notice how there is a face with the door being the mouth. On this level, just simply do nothing! And the face will fall asleep with his mouth open.

Door 48 – Pick up the weight on the bottom left and use it on one of the chains. Then fill up your bucket with water and use it on the other chain. Now tilt your phone screen facing downwards to open the door.

Door 49 – Use the match to burn the rope. Note the faces on the wall with their eyes as chevrons. Rotate the pacman shaped objects so they correspond to the chevrons. So the top left one points upwards with its segment.

Door 50 – Turn 50 of the lights to green and leave only 10 white. The door will now be unlocked.

Door 51 – Take the yellow and black stick and hang it on the left hook.  Pull the stick down, and tap to open the door.

Door 52 – Use the flashlight to light the top of the door.  Tap the squares on the side of the door to make the pattern shown above the door.

Door 53 – Shake your device to open the eyes.  Keep turning your phone until the eyes are pointing the direction of the arrow and the lights above the door turn green.

Door 54 – Drag the pot on the right side of the door left and take the hammer behind it.  Use the hammer to smash the big pot on the left.  Drag the base of the pot away and a key will be underneath.  Use the key to open the door.

Door 55 – Use the flashlight to light the top right and left corners.  Put the levers in the direction shows in the patterns above.

Door 56 – Use the hammer to hit the man until all the lights on top of the door turn green.

Door 57 – Use the fire to light the grass and take the gun underneath.  Use the gun on the top of the wooden plank then open the door.

Door 58 – Tap to make the circles above the door green in the pattern shown (big dipper).

Door 59 – Shoot the rope holding the target.  Spin your phone in the direction of the spinning phone behind the target until all the lights turn green.

Door 60 – Tilt your phone left to move the balloons left. Use the gun to shoot the two latches off the door.  Use the hammer to hammer the nails as indicated above the door.

Congratulations! You have completed DOOORS on the Android. Please check back for answers for more levels when the developers release the update.


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