Galaxy Pool Press Release

Galaxy Pool : Android Game Announcement – The Bounciest Game Since The Invention Of Snooker

“How about a pool-like game, but this time we control the walls, instead of the ball?”

Worldwide – April 03, 2012 – IT-EO announced today that Galaxy Pool, an indie style “reversed snooker” game, will be released for Android devices in April 2012. It will be free for download, giving everyone a chance to test their bouncing skills, logical thinking and reflex, while finding their way through the starry intergalactic space. With 50 levels spanning across 2 beautiful worlds, players collect stars, rotate the bars to guide the space ship to the planet, avoid moving obstacles and utilise mind-puzzling teleports.

Today’s video teaser, gives a first glimpse of the upcoming Galaxy Pool level design, art, graphics and gameplay idea.

Game Teaser Video:

“People say that there’s something  special to indie games, and they tend to agree it’s because of the fact that indie games are created for players, by players.“, said Maciej Targoni, independent Android games analyst and enthusiast.

“The graphics are outstanding and what you think is easy, it is quite challenging. You can submerge yourself in the game play for hours.”, – Carlos M. Icaza, Co-founder of

IT-EO is independently publishing and developing Galaxy Pool, which will be released through Play Store on April 2012, followed by the iOS App Store launch later this year. Thanks to a Corona SDK framework, game will be available in HD on all iOS and Android tablets and smartphones on the market.

Galaxy Pool has one of those simple gameplay ideas, giving birth to a special place where logic meets physics. Rather than being a no-brainer tappy-tap style challenge, the game is a twist of logic and arcade experience, based on the idea of “inverted pool”.

Featuring a well-crafted, intuitive user interface, Galaxy Pool blast and bounce, physics-based gameplay challenges players to solve intriguing, puzzling levels.The accompanying soundtrack was composed with the courtesy of IT-EOs friends and team members. Designed to give maximum fun, the gradually increasing difficulty level along with unlockable in-game features delivers the best playing experience possible.

“We decided to use the Corona SDK framework to quickly implement the idea of the game to the working app on Android device. Corona helped us to maintain focus on the gameplay, and playing experience. We can’t wait to share Galaxy Pool experience with players all around the world.”, said Michal Pawlowski, lead developer and Co-founder of IT-EO.


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About IT-EO:
Indie Game Dev company is based in Poland, focused on mobile games development, with the ultimate goal to provide people with fun, yet challenging and entertaining game ideas. IT-EO was created by players, who played games their whole life. Now it’s time to reach out  to a new generation of players by bringing mobile games to a new level.

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