Frenzy Fugu for your Android Mobile

Frenzy Fugu: Immerse yourself in this free game and chomp your way through the slippery scenes! 

Gameplay: This is an accelerometer game similar to Labyrinth or Teeter but it’s been reskinned with a fishy theme.  You control a Fugu fish and your aim is to gobble up all the pearls in the clams before the time is up.  The clams only open periodically, so whilst they’re closed you can wriggle your way around the level to collect the gold coins scattered around.

You can’t just anchor yourself at the clams in the later levels though because there are predators that swim the same waters as you.  If you get too close to them they’ll nibble on you and you’ll see your fish profile in the top left corner go down as your skeleton gets exposed!  So you need to become quite nimble and flow around with the currents of the ocean.  Though the creative enemies are quite vicious, you can get your own back by eating a powerup which will cause you to inflate so you’ll be invincible.  In your super poisonous state you can snack through your enemies as fish food!

Seaside Splashing: This is quite a cunning revamp of a traditional tilting game and the waterworld theme really makes quite a difference.  Overall, the piscine decoration and swimming sensation really comes through because of the cute visuals and realistic bubbling sounds.  Being really critical… then perhaps there could be a bit of music so the player doesn’t actually have the lonely feeling of being alone at sea.

Deep sea diving: The game starts off quite easy, and it’s very pleasant and enjoyable.  This docile and relaxing feeling is given in the early levels of each stage.  Then, as you progress through the levels your foes appear and that’s when the difficulty increases and all of a sudden you are frantically trying to swim for survival.  In fact, the last few levels of each stage are frustratingly hard.  Being very honest we were trying to review this game a couple of weeks ago, but we thought the ensuing frustration from playing was due to being slightly off mood or something.  However, we’ve just come to the realisation that we don’t rise to the challenge when it comes to accelerometer difficult games.  (If you’re that way inclined, try out Monad.)

Great for Kids: Although I’m too old to adapt to the tilting fast enough, this game kept my nephew quiet for quite long, so I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it.  A slight downer is that the game can have quite a lot of objects on the screen sometimes so you need a decent phone to play some of the stages.  For instance, the Siberia snow stage had so many ice blocks that it jerked and crashed on our test device (Samsung Galaxy SII).

Rating: 3.5 Fugu Frenzy is a fab accelerometer game which caters for casual players as well as hardcore challengers.  The fish free waters are more pleasant and enjoyable in our opinion.  With 45 levels and more to come, it’s great time wasting fun… and don’t forget it’s free.

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Developers:  Milan Mancel

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