Busted Press Release

Busted! Press Release: The creators of Bloody Bunnies have released a sneak preview trailer of their next game.  The 3D slick look is great eye candy!


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM –  April 23th 2012

A video of Busted ! for Android Devices is out now  :

Busted Sneak Preview Video 

Busted !  Is a 3D arcade game in which you drive your ship recklessly in futuristic tube-like highways and try to avoid being busted by the city police forces.


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ABOUT MENTALWARP GAMES : MW Games is a young indie mobile video game studio, based in Brussels, Belgium. We have previously participated in several projects including Eve Online, Fable 2, Mass Effect 2 and Shaun White Origins (iPhone). We have more recently released a mobile game called « Bloody Bunnies », more info can be found on www.mentalwarp.com


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