Gun Strike (CKZ Alternative) for you Android Phone

Gun Strike: Shoot your heart out against cutesy big headed baddies!

Do you ever get that sudden itch to play a first person shooter?  Well, this game will give you your fix and its Counter Strike stylisation will make you reminisce and smile.

Gameplay: Gun Strike is one of those static first person shooter games where you take a stationary position and shoot almost everything that moves.  Imagine Contract Killer: Zombies but in a Cartoony 3D environment which is much more light hearted and won’t give you nightmares!

The game is set in seven different scenic zones, all of which have been swarmed with regional enemies.  For the first few stages, cutesy terrorists with super deformed heads will jump out, run and roll into the kill zone to attack you.  They start shooting soon after appearing, so you have to be quick to head shot them before they pull the trigger.  Your opponents aren’t just armed with machine guns though… they’re much luckier than you and can be armed with sniper rifles, grenades, rocket launchers and machetes!

Head shot madness: This is light hearted and simple arcade action fun where the quirky deformed enemies just make you laugh.  The ditszy mercenaries all have smooth animations and it’s a very enjoyable shooter.  I’m not sure why, but I find the sightseers quite amusing (and they open your mind a bit… you decide when you see the game).

The good and the bad: Although Gun Strike looks pretty funny, it’s actually quite a skill intensive game because you need to get used to the controls and unload lead into the baddies as quickly as possible.  There are 70 levels of gameplay to keep you busy, but I’m pretty sure most people will know in the first stage whether they like the game or not.  The decisive point is the D pad control – there are two types, one with variable movement, and one with direct scaling movement.  I definitely prefer the latter, but I can imagine some people will just outright hate both systems.  Once you have become accustomed to the handling, then you can practise and try to overcome this freemium game.

Yes, the developers have a certain amount of difficulty built into the game to encourage you to buy the in game currency… it’s normal.  But the great thing here is that if you put in the time and dedication, then you don’t have to spend a cent because you can earn all your money in game!

Up against Contract Killer Zombies: In comparison to CKZ, I’d say Gun Strike is much more fun, less morbid, less frightening and less demanding on skill.  But then again, perhaps CKZ requires too much skill!  Anyway, the best thing is that the Gun Strike developers don’t force you to buy the in-game currency to continue playing (… CKZ does force you to do that because you can’t replay old easier levels and you don’t get cash for failed rounds).  So if you like the scare factor (and spending money), then CKZ is for you…  if you like free games and enjoy laughing whilst shooting your enemies then Gun Strike is your game.  Do note however, that both games have the same overall gameplay, so it can be repetitive.

Rating: 4/5 Awesome light hearted arcade shooter fun in a Counter Strike like setting – the cartoonish simplicity should make you smirk.  Although there is an element of repetitiveness to Gun Strike, it’s a free game so why not shoot some mercs!

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Gun Strike Tips from Android Games Review

  • Good control of the D-pad is essential, so you need a good multi-touch screen phone.
  • Once you’ve found the control system which suits you most then don’t think about where your thumb is!  Feel the controls and become one with your gun!
  • The primary gun uses ammo, whereas the secondary gun doesn’t, so try and get as far as possible with just the secondary gun because then you don’t have to spend money on ammo.
  • You should be able to get through most of the levels in the first stage with the default starting gun.  Initially you’ll be doing one shot kills and later on you’ll need to double shoot enemies.
  • Save money for the Beretta M93R and that should last you until the third level of the second stage.
  • At some point you’ll realise that the further away the enemy is, the less damage you inflict, and so you need to fire more shots.
  • Armour looks cool and looks like it might be useful, but it will run out and you’ll need to fix it.  So try and play as much as possible without armour.  Instead, go offensive and practise using grenades to do more damage.  (Grenades are much cheaper and more expendable.)
  • Judging from the stats of the primary guns, a safe progression of gun purchases would be: the M4A1, the M249 Saw, then the Beretta ARX160.  Of course this all depends on your skill and playstyle preference.

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Developers: Paladin Entertainment

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