Gravity Project is Temple Run for your Android phone

Gravity Project: Warp gravity and leap past objects whilst you dash to the finish line!

The best Android game award wouldn’t goto Gravity Project, but it wins hands down for the best graphics for a simple running game.  Check out what we found interesting about this pretty title below.

Gameplay: In a nutshell this is a full 3D level based running game.  If we were to compare it to a current title, then the closest game would be Temple Run, but it’s fixed designed stages instead of an unlimited random course.  The core gameplay is about controlling your runner to jump over and slide under obstacles.  The interesting twist is that you can change gravity so that you run on the side walls.  All the player interaction is via four gesture swipes which are introduced though a clean and simple tutorial.  After the learning stages the players will be leaping barricades, sliding into gaps, smashing boxes and rotating the level’s orientation at ease.

Awesome Graphics: The Unity 3D Engine is put to good use here and the developers show that beautiful rendering can be used to enhance the game experience dramatically.  A particularly snazzy effect is the camera angle which changes as you rotate the gravity and run along the walls.  Perhaps what’s really impressive though is how the detailed running man falls and dies in a very realistic way.  Of course, images alone would be amiss unless there were decent sound effects to bring the game to life… the crunching sounds really do make the crashes sound very painful!


The Low Down: In the first few plays it’s quite noticeable that the realistic animation which is linked with the swiping is very slightly delayed, and it’s quite long.  This means that your actions need to be planned and executed in advance.  Not an issue in the first few rounds, but as you get to the hectic swiping sections this becomes slightly annoying.  On top of this, you’ll find that sometimes your swipe gestures are misinterpreted causing your runner to jump to his death. However, after adapting to some of the nuances you can happily power through the well designed levels testing your eye and finger reflexes.

Rating: 3.5/5 Gravity Project is a beautiful and simple game which is great for those short journeys where you want to play for a few minutes.  The clean gesture control aspect is very cool, and we encourage you to try it out just to see this game style (in case you’ve not seen Temple Run).  The game is fairly short, but there are some challenging levels so you should be kept busy for a few hours.  We did our testing on a decent phone, but we’re always conscious that these 3D games may jerk quite badly on slightly lower powered devices.



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Gravity Project Tips from Android Games Review

  • Don’t be too greedy trying to grab all the powerups.  The delay to the actions means that it’s very hard to grab everything and avoid all the obstacles.
  • You can do a jump into a slide.  You just need to be lucky enough for the computer to recognise your gesture and queue the animations correctly.
  • If you find that your swipe gestures are being misinterpreted then try doing your swipes relative to the player position.  Exaggerate your swipe actions to ensure your runner does what you want him to.

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Developers: 0.99 game studio

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