Stone Stacker (by Eugenics Games) for your Android Mobile

Stone Stacker: Pack and rack the smiley faces and balance them perfectly to keep everyone happy!

Gameplay:  This is a physics game where you’re given a variety of squares, rectangles, triangles or circles and you need to drop all the provided blocks onto the screen.  The aim is to plop all the stones on whilst ensuring that they don’t fall off.  There’s gravity pulling all the pieces down so you need to be careful about how you position them so that they’ll balance until the end of the round.

The interface is pretty simple… where you touch on the screen is where you’ll place a piece down.  The row of icons at the top of the screen indicate what pieces still need to be placed and the leftmost image is the next item to be placed.

Sun shining fun: I love the graphics in this game, I think it’s really artistic, and the theming is excellent.  None of this 3D over the top nonsense nowadays… just a decent and well designed 2D puzzle game.  Each of the blocks has a smiley face on it… which perhaps could sound a bit tacky, but actually the smiles should bring a grin to your face!

Awesome music: A huge plus point in this game is the music – it’s so lively and refreshing!  It’s all done very well and should hopefully put a spring in your step.  (Of course if you’re in a mean miserable Monday mood, then you can just blast out your own music instead.)

Rating: 4/5  Stone Stacker is an excellent game where you can feel the love of the developers.  At the very core they have an excellent (and yet simple) puzzle game, and around it they’ve wrapped in sublime game music and graphics.  Definitely try out the lite version even if you don’t buy the full game!  (Note the lite version has 1 season to play, whereas the full version has 4 seasons.)

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Stone Stacker Tips from Android Games Review:

  • The three star reward system is driven off the points, which are driven off the time.  So if you’re trying to three star all the levels then you need to complete the round as quickly as possible.
  • To complete the round as fast as possible, first select a placement system which you’re most comfortable with (available when you pause the game).  Then get used to placing the blocks down to almost exactly where they need to be.
  • To further reduce your level times then ensure that the pieces are balanced as quickly as possible.  Waiting the full 12 seconds on the countdown timer is very time consuming.  If your pieces aren’t balancing, it may be that you’re placing pieces too fast and therefore the blocks are wobbling and vibrating against each other.  To reduce this effect you can wait for blocks to stabilise before you add pieces on top.
  • Be sensitive to the faces on the blocks… if they’re unhappy then they’re not stable yet.
  • It’s possible to place blocks underneath existing pieces which you’ve dropped in.  (You must do this on some rounds… especially when you have the long rectangular pieces)
  • The earlier rounds are just about simple balancing, and not very much speed placement is required.  But note that in the later rounds you need to be quicker with your actions and sometimes you need to place things simultaneously such that the moving pieces will jam together and prevent falling.

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Developers: Eugenics Games

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