Run Like Hell!: Stranded on a desert island, escape the clutches of cannibals by running like hell!

Run Like Hell!: Stranded on a desert island, escape the clutches of cannibals by running like hell!

Gameplay:  Much like many other side scrolling running games out there on Android Market, the aim of the game is to get from the left side of the stage to the right in the shortest time possible. Run Like Hell is no exception, what’s unique about it is that it is wrapped up with a desert island theme as well as adding a little extra to the control mechanism.

Other games of the same sort tend to focus on very easy controls, often with only one or two buttons. Some don’t even use buttons as a touch anywhere on the screen would suffice, the beauty of these games is their simplicity coupled with high frame rate needed when things speed up. I feel Run Like Hell! has chosen to go against the grain a little in this respect.

Run Run as fast as you can: You are presented with three buttons, each one doing one of jumping, sliding or adrenaline (allows you to run faster whilst your adrenaline bar is not empty). Some what awkward in my opinion as it seems like too many, especially since the adrenaline button is seemingly useless as you can only use it when your character is actually running on the screen. Though this makes sense from a realistic stand point, in practice, your character is only running half the time, other times he is jumping over various rocks etc, making the adrenaline button almost useless.

Presentation wise, Run Like Hell! is very good, the game looks great with the character, theming and styling all looking consistent in addition to the noteworthy music and sound effects that really brings the game to life. Being a fan of comics, I especially liked the short comic cut scenes explaining the story.

Runs like a dog: However I cannot help but be disappointed by the monetisation strategy. The game comes with 3 modes, story, endless and time trial. WIth 30+ levels on story mode, 8 for endless and 5 for time trial the game has certainly more than enough levels to keep you playing until you get bored of it. The problem is you cannot access many levels until you have either collected enough coins or surely enough, bought enough coins to unlock further levels. You are not given enough unlocked stages to begin with to adequately try out the gameplay and as a result I was tempted to put down the game before I had even unlocked the first level.

Verdict: 3/5 A solid looking side scrolling running game that unfortunately falls short in a couple of areas, leaving it short changed compared to other similar games out there. If you are a fan of the genre however it is worth checking out as it offers something a little different.

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Developers: Mass Creation

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