Night Ride (by Black Bunny Studio) for Android Mobiles

Night Ride: Blaze through the night on a tron lightcycle and drive through the urban cityscape.

We love indie game studios and we think they need all the support they can get.  Half the time they’re quite touch and go… but when Ana and her brother contacted me about their game, we were pleasantly surprised.  Check out what we thought below!

Gameplay: This is a runner-type game where you need to travel as far as possible whilst collecting coins and powerups.  You control a person who sits on a tron lightcycle and you’ll travel up the screen.  To move between the lanes, you tilt the phone left and right (making use of the accelerometer).  If you press your finger on the screen then you’ll zoom upwards faster.  Along the way you need to dodge the electric barracades and bollards, but you should try and collect the powerups, protons and atoms.

Cool Visuals: The game is full 3D and looks spanking good!  I do like how they’ve emulated the tron look, and the developers can gladly say its easy on the eyes.  Everything is 3D… the bike, protons, atoms, powerups, floor markings, electrocuted barricades…

Nice progression: Every game of this type always faces the same problem… how do you keep people interested in something which essentially is repetitive gameplay?  Well, you do it by making them compete with each other on OpenFeint, and you setup mini achievements for players to aim for.  If you’ve ever played Jetpack Joyride, then you’ll understand what I mean.  You need to win the mini goals and doing so will reward you by levelling you up… in Night Ride, this means that you increase your bonus multiplier (great for competing with your friends).

It’s a new Indie Game… Yes it’s still a bit raw in some areas… the tilt control is slightly fiddly so it takes a bit of getting used to.  But once you do adapt to it, you should find the night ride, and the progressively difficult obstructions interesting.  The overall theming across the game is pretty and the developers are close to having a slick production.

Rating: 3/5 Night Ride is an excellent fully 3D rendered runner game which is great for competitions between friends.  It’s totally free so why not give it a try.  I’m sure they’ll have upgrades and updates planned in the future, so join in and watch how a game can evolve and improve!

Night Ride Promotional Youtube Video

Night Ride Tips from Android Games Review

  • If you’re competing with friends, the key is to survive as long as possible.  There’s no clear benefit to risking bike safety in order to pick up the protons and atoms, so you’re only really aiming for the powerups as they do help you lots.
  • … but before you aim for a really long driving stint you should increase your multiplier.  You can do this by completing the mini tasks.  Focus solely on each of the tasks, and levelling up.

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Developers: Black Bunny Studio

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