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Lair Defense: Send your dragon minions to defend your broodling eggs in this nifty tower defense. 

Yes I’m reviewing another defense game again, but I noticed something kind of interesting about this one and I thought I’d share my thoughts on this.

Gameplay:  It’s a tower defense where you need to place dragons in special positions in the city and the aim is to kill the incoming humans who want to steal your eggs.  There are only three types of towers: one red, one blue and one green dragon which are meant to be fire, ice and poison dragons… though I’d interpret these more as, rapid fire tower, non-rapid ballistic long range tower (it doesn’t feel like it slows the enemy at all!) and delayed energy drawing tower.  So, you’re not given the classic gun, missile and slow towers…

Addictive Powerups:  For me, this game feels a bit more interactive than other tower defences and this is because you can cast freeze spells and you can shoot firerain at the enemy.  There are also coins that are dropped which you can pick up to use in the shop.  Here’s something that really makes this one addictive for me – as you accumulate money you can purchase upgrades for pretty much everything you can think of.  So as you play through the levels you get to personally unlock new improvements which then change your gameplay and allow you to beat the enemy more.

The overall package: The artwork in the menus is awesome and really well themed… but first impressions of the game itself would probably shock most people.  The animations and artwork here aren’t quite on the grand scale of the title screen (don’t say I didn’t tell you).  The sound effects are fair and add life to the game.  For me, I can selectively see past these things and play the game itself.  There’s a tutorial which guides you through the controls, and explains the enemies… though they’re interesting, they basically brew down to having resistance to the different coloured tower attacks.  (It’s very subtle though and it’s hard to feel the effects unfortunately).  One rather big downer is the fact that there are only a handful of maps.

Rating: 3.5/5 A decent tower defense game to pass the time.  Once you see past the initial in game artwork you’ll find yourself playing for the addictive powerups.  Hopefully after you’ve figured them out you’ll still continue playing.

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Lair Defense Tips from Android Games Review:

  • Pressing the helmet button (which calls the enemies faster) won’t affect your mana accumulation because it adds on the equivalent mana which you would have stored up.
  • You should regularly use your freeze spell at strategic times in the game because there’s a cap on the maximum amount of mana you can use.  It will increase over time again anyway.
  • The freeze dragons will only appear to freeze enemies once they’ve been upgraded three times.
  • The freeze dragon has a greater range than the other towers, so strategically place him on the stools to maximise his range.
  • All the dragons appear to be significantly more powerful when upgraded three times.
  • Some upgrades are only available once you’ve completed the game once.  (So don’t bother going for the “Bounty Hunting” upgrade which gives more food for each enemy killed until you’ve finished playing through once).

Developers: DroidHang

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