Bubble Filler (by Visual Dream) for your Android Phone

Bubble Filler: Grow your way through multiple levels of bubble blowing and ball dodging fun. 

We’re always inundated with game review requests, so we’re going to try and get through our backlog of interesting games.  Check out what we thought about this little puzzle game.

Gameplay: When you touch the screen you’ll start blowing a bubble, and if you keep your finger down then the bubble will grow.  On the side of the screen there’s a tracker bar which increases according to the area your bubbles take up… once the bar is full then you’ve passed the level.  But there are little metallic-like balls dancing around on the same playing area.  If the balls touch your bubble whilst its growing then it’ll burst it.  If the bubble is formed before the metal ball comes in contact with it, then your bubble will solidify and survive.

Weirdly enough, the above description is probably the first time when its been absolutely necessary because there is no tutorial or explanation within the game!  As you progress up the levels you need to dodge more balls, but don’t worry there are some time stopper specials available.

Graphics and music: The xylophone music is pretty sweet and relaxing, but more interestingly it sounds christmassy, so its been good to get me into the mood of xmas.  The sound effects are excellent and match with the game very well.  In fact, the sounds combined with the easy on the eyes graphics makes a pretty good combo which is definitely relaxing.

There’s Open Feint connectivity, achievements and Facebook share buttons so there’s some interesting elements which can keep you playing the game.  Unfortunately, there’s also a shoddy in-app purchasing system which tries to encourage you to buy more lives or buy more time stoppers.

Rating: 2/5 A decent little puzzle game which you can play for a brief moment, unfortunately the lack of tutorial and explanations has lost this game many points.  (We still don’t know what the “X” button is for… a multiplier perhaps… for??”)  Another downer is that there’s no exit button, you have to exit to Home and kill the process.

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BubbleFiller Tips from Android Games Review

  • If you find that you want to get more timestoppers again, then don’t bother buying them.  Just uninstall the game and reinstall it!  Then you’ll have 1 life and 3 timestoppers again.
  • Feel the motion of the balls, and jump into the pockets which open up (i.e. where all the balls are flying outwards from an area).  After a bit of patience, you’ll get used to starting your bubble as soon as the metal balls have crossed and are opening up a space for you.
  • Just growing your bubbles isn’t enough to progress, you should practise trying to separate or block the balls.  For this you’ll need at least 1 big bubble, and then you’ll need to practise dropping bubbles on top of the balls.
  • Note that as long as there aren’t any obstructions then your bubble will continue to grow, even whilst you’re dragging your finger around.

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Developers: Visual Dream

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