Super Stickman Golf :Extremely addictive ball swinging fun

Super Stickman Golf : Extremely addictive ball swinging fun

Gameplay: On first glance Super Stickman Golf may seem like any other 2D side scrolling golf game however it doesn’t take long for you to realise that it is so much more. Even with the word ‘golf’ in the title, the developers describe themselves as a physics-puzzler game which is actually quite an accurate description and will definitely appeal to brain and puzzle fans. As with golf, the aim of the game is to get the ball into the hole with the least number of shots, but that’s where all the similarities with the slow sport end. Superballs that can travel super distances, stickyballs that stick to any wall it touches and Iceballs that freeze lakes are just some of power-ups you can use in this crazy Android port.

Hole in One: The beauty of this game lies in the course designs. Most holes allow you to complete the level using more than one route, harder routes require less shots to complete however you run the risk of failure which often results in using more shots than the safer route. It can be a difficult decision to decide on whether to go the challenging or safe route in order to chase that 10 under par required to obtain the coveted gold star for a course.

Super Stickman Golf’s presentation is spot on, the graphics although are not ground breaking, is made up by the variety of course designs and themes. The use of colours are very creative and every course has its own distinctiveness about it. Coupled with quirky sound effects, the game is packaged up in a coherent and thoughtful manner that can only grow on players that do not immediate appreciate it.

Over Par: With over 32 courses available the game has definite lastability, in addition to the replay value as you try again and again to obtain gold stars for each course. Unlike the iOS version, it doesn’t have the multiplayer option available which is a little disappointing however the Android version does boast a few additional courses which does ease the pain a little.

Verdict 5/5: Hugely addictive and fun to play. Super Stickman Golf will leave you wanting more with its perfectly tuned power ups and brilliantly designed courses.

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  • Remember to take at least a couple of Mulligan balls so that you can re-take your last shot if it goes wrong. It can be tempting to use the more exciting balls but in order the 10 under par simple is often best
  • You can still change your shooting angle after you press ‘go’ the first time.
  • You can zoom in and out by pinching the the screen
  • Try to make use of the walls wherever possible to bounce the balls off in order to get the right angles
  • It may be a good idea to practice a particular course before you set off on the campaign if you are chasing the gold star

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Developers: Noodle Cake Studios

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