Blood and Glory (by Glu Mobile) on your Android Phone

Blood and Glory: Slash through your opponents and win the crowds in these gruesome gladiator games. 

Following on from our theme of checking out games pushed on the Android Market, see what we found out about this fully 3D rendered game below…

Gameplay:  If you’ve ever played Infinity Blade on the iPhone, then you’ll find this game is shockingly identical!  …. Anyway… the setting is ancient Rome, and you’ve been thrown into the fights to be slaughtered as entertainment.  Much like the gladiators back then, there are no real player options apart from which tournaments to enter, but once you’re in the center of the coliseum, you’ll have to fight for your life!

Your opponent will attack you in various ways, and you need to either dodge, block or parry his attacks.  Once you’ve passed his barrage of offensive moves successfully without being hit, then usually the game will slow down and give you the option of returning the favour.  Then you can swipe and slash your enemy down to size!  Depending on your combination of swipes, you can execute special moves which may inflict more damage and please the crowds more.

Blood and Gore:  Usually one match is broken down into parts so that you’ll fight the opponent from a variety of viewpoints.  Dramatic cutscenes will break up the sections and they’ll cue when you’ve drained the opponent’s energy enough.  Basically the different fighting perspectives are for showing off the unity 3D engine and your phone’s rendering ability.  But my oh my… the graphics in this game are off the charts: really beautiful and detailed models!  It’s almost like some of the latest console first person shooter games have reached our phones.

Rating: 5/5  An amazingly beautiful freemium game which lets Android users show that their phones can be on par (and better) than iPhones.  I can’t think of anyone who would not be amazed by the graphics here… but being very honest, after you’ve played this game for a few hours you may find that this is instead a three/four star game.

…Why?  Well because the gameplay itself can be monotonous and quite challenging.  Eventually you’ll find that your skill and ability is not enough to beat opponents, and yet the gladiators you are able to beat won’t reward you enough to progress through the tournaments.  In otherwords, you’ll have to fork out money for credits.  Now my issue here isn’t that you need to pay for more gameplay… but how much?  Yes one can get a new blade/helmet/shield, but it seems a bit unfair to be unable to continue to play unless you continually buy new parts.  So on the scale of Glu mobile’s games, compared to Gun Bro and Contract Killer Zombies… we would put Blood and Glory in third place.  It has less replay value and yet the enhancements seem even less attainable.

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Blood and Glory Tips from Android Games Review

  • Follow the link provided to download “Blood & Glory (NR)” which is the not-rated version which will have more blood and gore!
  • After following the game’s tutorial, you’ll want to play a few matches automatically.  You should find that the first two tournaments can be beaten fairly easily – possibly all on your first go.
  • Upon completing your first two tournaments you should realise that dodging is one of the best ways of avoiding incoming attacks and yet it also lets you go on the offensive.  However, parrying is technically the best move because it will wow the crowd more, which in turn should reward you with more credits.
  • In order to become better at parrying, then go into the initial tournaments and try beating everyone by only parrying.  Unfortunately it’s extremely hard to execute this unless you swipe almost perfectly everytime.
  • The exact location to swipe may seem like a total mystery initially, but you need to try and do a few things:
    • First the swipe needs to be in the opposite direction (i.e. like a counter strike).
    • Then the swipe needs to largely intersect the opponents incoming swipe – you can sometimes see this white trail when your enemy slashes you (especially in the darker stages).
    • Finally, you need your timing almost perfect.
    • Final final point – you need to be able to do this in all the different viewpoints…
  • It seems that the earlier levels may actually worse for parrying because the enemy movement time is so slow that it’s hard to synchronise your parry correctly.  However, it’s only in the slighty slower earlier levels that you’re more likely to see the slash trails.


  • If you’re failing to beat an opponent, and you’re stuck because you either have too little energy to win, or you’re quite painly out-matched, then don’t worry about quitting the tournament – your hard earned cash is kept, and you can restart the tournament to fight the enemies you can beat.


  • When we gathered enough cash we went straight for a helmet upgrade which boosted our XP and cash earning potential as well as boosting our energy 5 times.  However… although energy was 5 times greater, that did not mean we lasted 5 times longer.  The damage inflicted is based on some weird sort of armour balancing calculation – so we only lasted about up to twice as long.  We share this information because we want people to know that just by logically calculating your weapon performance may not be enough to predict the worthiness of upgrades.
  • In such an aggressive game, we suggest you ignore that stupid shield and defence.  Otherwise you’ll be wasting your precious power up points.  You should instead spend your XP on boosting your offense to inflict more damage and beat your opponent faster.
  • The potions use up the special coins… so consume them sparingly!  Otherwise expect to be buying more coins with real life cash.
  • Learn the combination slashes to pull off the special moves because these will please the crowds more (which should then get you more money).

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Developers: Glu Mobile

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