Air Penguin: Get your cute penguin to safety and test your hand coordination skills with this fun tilting game.

Air Penguin: Get your cute penguin to safety and test your hand coordination skills with this fun tilting game.

Gameplay: Air Penguin on the Android is a port of the popular iOS game of the same name. Such is its popularity that when it first came out it, it toppled Angry Birds Rio from the top paid spot. Deservedly so too as it has all the ingredients to make it into your handheld game library. The game is centred around a penguin that has been separated from its colony due to the melting ice caps. Your aim is to guide this lost

penguin by jumping from ice platform to ice platform whilst avoiding predators such as hungry sharks and seals in order to get to the end of the level.

Air time: The game uses your phone’s accelerometer in order to control the main character across the icy plains. The controls are surprisingly responsive and coupled with the smooth animation, the game gives you a good feeling of control. Air Penguin has a nice learning curve too, the levels start off ridiculously easy to give players a chance to get used to the controls however quickly escalate to be relatively challenging and rewarding.


Golden fish: For every one of the 120+ levels there are five golden fish for you to collect. This not only acts as a indicator of your ability but also the in game currency which allows you to buy items to sedate the sharks for example if you are having trouble with any particular level. Of course you also get the opportunity to part with your own cash in exchange for more golden fish if you choose to do so.

Verdict: 4/5 Air Penguin is very fun game presented with cute and colourful graphics that is sure bring a smile to your face!

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  • You can always recalibrate the neutral point of your accelerometer by going into the menu during the game
  • As with most mobile games but this one in particular, do not play this game whilst walking as you will be an accident waiting to happen
  • Try to keep your movements smooth whilst playing as this will increase your accuracy

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Developers: Gamevil

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