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Reflexions: Shoot the light particle around the screen and reflect it into the goal!

You may have seen this game being advertised on the featured page of the Android Market and wondered what the fuss was all about.  Well, we were intrigued by the cool looking banner image already… but since it was outrageously shoved in our face for about a month, we decided we’d check it out for you… keep reading to hear the good and bad parts.

Gameplay: The aim is to get a glowing orb to the exit.  The orange circle acts like a (slow) light particle so it’ll reflect off mirrors, thus allowing you to control its path.  The goal only opens once all the diamonds on the map are collected… but watch out not to accidently blast the ball into the deadly red spindles!

You control the game by tapping on the mirrors and launching the orb.  Every time the mirrors turn, it’ll rotate 90 degrees.  Your first job is to figure out how to orientate the mirrors to get the glowing ball to the exit somehow.  Then if you want to “three star” your levels then you’ll have to optimise your path.

Gorgeous Glows: This game is sexy… the neon glow effects are mesmerising, and the gentle chimes are therapeutic… which is very important since this game can be very stressful!

GPS anyone?  Yes, this game makes sure it reminds you that each level is a puzzle right from the outset.  Fortunately, there are well planned levels which slowly introduce you to the different elements in the game (portals and more…).  But, even with a good projected planning mind, it’s still not possible to layout all the mirrors right at the beginning.  You almost always need to tap a mirror whilst the light ball is in flight, thus making this game quite frantic.

Rating: 3/5  A decent puzzle game which has good game progression.  Graphics wise, the particle effects are very cool and the game polish here is excellent.  If we had picked up this game normally, then we think we would have rated it 4 stars (maybe even 5 because it can be addictive for some).  However, since it has been shoved in our faces, and there isn’t a free/demo/lite version then we are purposely docking one star.  We want everyone who reads this to know that just because a game is advertised on the Android Market, doesn’t automatically mean it’s amazing.  People should choose to buy a game out of decency towards it.  In this instance, we suggest that you buy and try the game… but refund it within the 15 minute window if you just think it’s not for you.   (Don’t feel bad towards the developers – it was their decision to not release a demo version)

Reflexions tips from Android Games Review:

  • The game is pretty hard to figure out, so not many tips this time.  The three stars are awarded based on your time and the number of actions you do, so you need to get a good balance of the two.  It seems like getting an extremely fast time whilst using too many actions can lose your three stars.
  • If you do want to get a faster time though, you can deflect off the walls which are immediately adjacent to the mirrors.  You’ll need to get your timing perfect though.
  • The timer doesn’t start until you launch the ball, so you can try and plan the whole route in advance.  Do bear in mind that almost all the levels require you to flip mirrors whilst the ball is moving, so try and factor that timing in.
  • If you’re stuck, then try planning your route such that you don’t have to flip the mirrors too fast.
  • If you find planning tough, then remember this:  your eyes are only drawn to the mirrors and spikes, they may be forgetting that you should factor in the walls.

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Developers: Yoyo Games

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