Android Games Review: Farm Slot (Dragonplay)

Farm Slot: Slot machine gambling madness on your Android Phone!  Check out our review and gambling advice below. 

Gameplay: It’s a Casino slot machine but themed with… farms… yeah go figure.  Ok, ok, let’s be more specific here as there are many different types of fruit machines.  The core is as follows:

  • There’s a random number generator behind the five rolling spinners.
  • Only one button exists to start and stop all the spinners.
  • There are 15 different lines which zig zag across the screen.
  • You can bet on multiple lines, and also increase your bet size per line.
  • You win depending on what combination of symbols you get on your line going from left to right.

So for the experienced slot players out there, that means there’s no nudging or holding spinners, and you don’t start or stop each spinner individually.  This means that the core of this game is very basic on the scale of fruit machines.

There must be something special right?  Ok, so there is something different because there are a handful of special actions.  When you get three or more scarecrows then you get free spins.  Windmills are wild cards which can substitute almost all other symbols except scarecrows.  If you get three cows, then you get to pick a random cow which gives you a different reward size.

What do we think about Farm Slots? … not very much to be honest.  It doesn’t do much for gamers because there’s no skill involved.  A good example of a slot game which needs skill would be Robotek.  Also, there doesn’t appear to be any time element involved like Hokuto No Ken fruit machines in Japan.  Farm Slots does seem truly random, and it’s this aspect which is most offputting and yet at the same time most useful.  Yes… useful… that’s right, this gambling game can help in more ways than you realise.

The advantages:  The benefit of this game is that it educates people about slot machine gambling.  (It’s a totally random game which can very easily be lost.)  If you’re really interested in betting then you can learn about the rules and payouts in a very safe stake free environment.  Or if you have a slot addiction, then this should satisfy some of that thirst… and if it doesn’t do that, at least it can teach you a thing or two about how to do well at slots!

Verdict: 2/5 Good artwork and sounds which are everything you would expect from an actual fruit machine.  The realism of the game make it good for people to play and learn the futility about slots.  It just seems a bit of a shame that Dragonplay didn’t put more effort to interlink the coins here with their Live Holdem Poker Pro Dragon coins.  Part of me feels like Farm Slots was only made to seed the thought of gambling into people’s hearts!

Very almost 1 star, but the educational element warrants it a higher score.  You can never replace the real touch, sight and sounds that one would get by being on a real gambling floor.  But check out our tips below to maximise the experience of playing….

Farm Slot Tips from Android Game Reviews:

  • Login to the game every day to get bonus coins.
  • XP is only advantageous because you get bonus coins everytime you level up.
  • Read the Help section they provide – then you can see the odds and understand the futility.

This game is about being persistant and playing in a controlled manner.  If you find you’re getting bored or its too random then try this:

  • Go and play Robotek
  • Set out a low bet and a high bet.  (Where low would mean either few lines, or low bet sizes, and high would mean either many lines, or high bet sizes.)
  • Then bet in a particular pattern, e.g. you bet low until you wind something, but if you don’t win anything 10 times, then bet high once.  Then go back to betting low again.
  • Alternatively, you could try controlling button press timing.  So do the same bet every time, and try starting the spinner exactly 2.5 second after every spin has stopped
  • You should realise that If you get three in a line, then you’re looking for Animals (Chicken, Sheep, Cows) and Scarecrows – everything else is pretty much worthless.
  • Sometimes when you get to four in a row, there are still some icons which have pathetic payout!
  • Read actual Slot Machine Tips.  Instead of going onto a different machine if your luck is bad, simulate this by leaving the farm you’re in and coming back in (or going to another farm).

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