Tank Hero: Test your hand eye coordination and accuracy skills with this simple yet satisfying top down ‘blast em up’.

Tank Hero: Test your hand eye coordination and accuracy skills with this simple yet satisfying top down ‘blast em up’.

Gameplay: Tank Hero sticks to classic tried and tested gameplay and brings it to your Android mobile. The top down isometric view is very reminiscent of the old school action games developed in the early nineties, updated with 3D OpenGL graphics (you will need a relatively powerful phone to play this game) and touch screen controls. The aim of the game is to destroy all enemy tanks in the arena whilst avoiding your own destruction.

The good: The game is very easy to pick up and play, in addition with the levels being short, it’s perfect for those spare moments throughout the day. There are 5 different types of enemy tanks for you to destroy, each with their own distinctive abilities and usefully very easily identifiable with their different colour schemes. You start off with the bog standard cannon but very soon you obtain the power of the howitzer, allowing you to shoot over walls! 

Tank Hero offers 2 game worlds, the first of which has 40 levels and the second 20, a decent number to keep you occupied. The graphics are very clean, making everything clear and easy to differentiate, definitely a bonus for a fast paced action game. With a rating system at the end of every level, linked in with OpenFeint, there are enough rewards there to keep score chasers happy.

The bad: The controls in Tank Hero is its worst feature so common in touch screen mobile phone action games. The default controls has a virtual D-pad to control your tank whilst tapping the screen shoots your cannon. The problem with this is that very often you will need to shoot an enemy on the opposite side of the screen which means you will need to obscure your view with your with your hand to do so. This makes it impossible to shoot and avoid enemy fire at the same time which makes it a slightly frustrating experience on the later more frantic levels.

Verdict: 3/5 Tank Hero offers instant action gameplay at your finger tips. With over 50 levels for you to conquer, it would have been nice to have more variety in the level designs. However with it’s simple yet addictive gameplay, you cannot complain too much from a free game.

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