Android Games Review: Asteroid Defense 2 (Deonn)

Asteroid Defense 2:  Defend yourself from the endless waves of destructive asteroids. 

This is quite a nifty tower defense game to pass the time, and there’s a lot of blasting action packed in.  Since this is the second game of the Asteroid Defense series, this is pretty well polished.  Check out our highlights below.

Gameplay: This is a tower defense where you have a base and you need to protect it from the incoming asteroids and aliens.  The asteroids come in at various angles in a free form manner (i.e. there’s no channels or preset path for them) and only your turrets are created in a grid fashion.  It’s classic gameplay so you build guns to destroy the incoming asteroids, and you’re able to upgrade your weapons.  On top of the standard guns, rockets and slow towers there are shields, repair robots, lasers and flamethrowers.

Great tutorial: The best part about this game is the easy pick up and play instant action.  The tutorial is very clear and instructs you through the first few waves.  The difficulty is well balanced such that you have a bit of freedom with your defense setup – you’re not going to lose just because you don’t have the perfect arrangement.  You only have to play it a few times to figure out the method which works.

Space destruction mania: The gun turrets are quite detailed, and the blaster trails all look quite cool.  The sound effects match up well and all of this makes it satisfying when you obliterate the humongous asteroids and aliens which gravitate your way.


Some good and bad: The variety in guns is quite awesome, and the associated names bring some nice spice.  You don’t really calculate anything precisely… instead there’s a lot of feeling the rate of destruction with the tower setup you have.  But this is where the game is good and it’s bad: it’s a lot of trial and error feeling out what the towers are doing, and how much damage they’re causing.  Sometimes it’s fun when you’re exploring and it’s easy, but it does make it a pain when you’re on the back foot and asteroids are getting past the lines.  An example of some confusion: there are flamethrowers which eventually upgrade to become “Zeus” which are effectively chain electricity destroyers… but the flamethrowers are nonsense since in your mind they’re not going to be better than rockets right?

Verdict: 4/5 More specifically this is a 3.5 star game.  It’s fun to play and good to see the blaster action!  Overall it’s not too difficult and won’t make you restart many times, so it’s even approachable for those people who don’t like tower defenses.  Polish is definitely there, and the interface is quite good for any player.  If you’re a pro – try and get on the high score board for the survival game.  If you’re new to this, have a dabble in some of the rounds in the lite version of this game!

Asteroid Defense 2 Tips from Android Games Review:

Standard tower defense methods:

  • Start with rapid fire, gun turrets, then add on rocket towers.
  • Next one usually builds slow/ice towers, but you should probably opt for static barrier defenses because you’re unlikely to have the cash for the slow towers.
  • Don’t build too many towers, as you can upgrade them.  In the upgrade process sometimes there are major boosts which cost a lot more and pack more of a punch at the same time.
  • Eventually you’ll get the new cool sounding towers which cost lots but you have no idea what they do.  Even when you buy them, their benefits are hard to justify.  But when in doubt, think on the grander scale – generally the more expensive weapons will be area effect attacks which destroy multiple things at the same time.
  • Repair drones are important to maintain your defense, but if you upgrade them to attack drones they’ll no longer repair things for you.  Although the attack drones look cool… that’s it… they get left in the dust eventually when you get to the ultra destructive weapons.

Defense layout: (for a survival game)

  • For the first 15 waves, you should go for a width of 7-9 turrets long and 3-4 rows deep in front of your base.
  • Next 15 – 30 you’ll slowly tack more new turrets onto the sides of your array.  So you might get an array of 11 – 13 guns which is 4-5 rows deep.  Your original core will still be present, and they’ll still be your primary focus.
  • After about 30 levels there’s just enough freedom for you to choose whether to get new towers or to upgrade your core defense
  • As long as your guns are connected to your power array then they’ll function.  So technically you can have your solar panels going quite far backwards, and your gun turrets can be quite far forwards.  You just need to make a long thin line of guns to extend forwards and backwards.

In a pinch?

  • If there’s a huge impending asteroid which you’re not able to gun down in time, then consider building out a line of mines.  Although they’re a bad investment because you’re effectively buying a disposable weapon, they do deal a lot of damage, and they’re cheaper than replacing your destroyed guns (and upgrading the replacements).

Gun details:  (number in brackets indicates the number of power levels for that tech type)

  • The upgrades are as follows:
  • Blaster Gun (3), Gatling Gun (3), Firestorm Gun (4)
  • Rocket Launcher (3),  Nuke Launcher (3), Devastator (3)
  • Freeze Cannon (3), Timewarp (3), Blizzard (3)
  • Splitter Laser (3), Shrink Ray (3), Black Hole (3)
  • Flamethrower (3), Electron (3), Zeus (3)
  • Shield (3), Deflector (3)
  • Repair Drone (3),  Attack Drone (3)
  • Solar Panel (3), Nuclear Reactor (3)
  • Mine (3)

Just for the record – I got on the survival high scoreboard at rank 38 with 1,582,700…which was level 210 (!!) a few days ago.  What did you get when you played?

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Developers: Deonn

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