Android Games Review: Sushi Bar (Fungameland)

Sushi Bar: Test your speed and skill at assembling extravagant sushi dishes!

Keep your customers happy and rinse them of everything they’re worth in this Android sushi cooking game.  You’ll be travelling around the world and challenging your ability to remember the ingredients of special dishes.  Check out what we think of this uber taxing game…

Gameplay: You have a very special sushi shop which travels around the world.  Why is it special?  Well because it looks like the same shop in every country… and all the old customers keep coming back around the world… and you make all your sushi dishes with only six ingredients!!

Anyway…  back to the game itself:  A steady stream of customers come in and a chat bubble pops with an image of the dish they want to order.  You need to select the correct number of ingredients to place on the bamboo mat to create the dish they ordered.  Your handiwork will then get sent out on the conveyor belt to the customer.  Don’t worry too much if you forget the ingredients of a dish though because you can refer back to the recipe in the game manual.  Much like in a real restaurant you need to serve people in a timely manner – so in this game, the little avatars have a happiness bar on them.  If you take too long to serve them then they’ll leave and you might violate the level pass requirements.  So just keep dousing them in green tea and sake to keep them happy whilst you put their sushi together.

Seems simple enough so far right?  Well actually if this was a real restaurant this should be a doddle.  However, your establishment starts off with far too little food stock, which means that you need to order more ingredients during the level.  In the early levels this is a walk in the park.  But once you get past around level 8 then you pretty much need to shove stock orders in as soon as you can, and you need to try and stockpile as much as you can inbetween the first few dishes.

Tasty parts: “Tamago onegaishimasu!”… that’s what my Japanese friend taught me when I visited him in the land of the rising sun.  Yes that’s right, this game does somehow actually reminds me of Japanese cuisine.  It doesn’t stop there though – the background music tracks remind me of Japan too.  Also the head chef who comes to instruct you definitely has those squint eyes and that Japanese beard.  Generally I think the graphics are succinct and the game is well themed overall.

Immediately after I remember real sushi though, I also realise how shoddy this representation of sushi is.  There’s a shed load of inaccuracies everywhere which distract me from the game… and I’m pretty sure I’ve played a game like this before, because it looks like there’s something missing in the telephone order menus.

Verdict: 2/5 SushiBar is definitely one to try for people who like food games.  If you’re a competitive foodie like me then you might rank this a 3 or a 4 star, but otherwise this is a definite 2 star because there’s a heap of issues.  I won’t go into a grilling session, but something you’ll notice as you play SushiBar is that the game progression is very poor.  Once you get to around level 8, you jump from three or four ingredients to over seven ingredients – which could make things marginally easier to remember, but it pushes people into multi-tasking overdrive because you’re constantly running out of ingredients.  As I said previously, if you have competitive spirit then go and conquer this gourmet world now!


Sushi Bar Tips from Android Games Review:

  • The key to keeping customers happy is to serve them fast.  If the customer is sitting on the far right, then the time they need to wait for their food to travel along the conveyor belt to them is enough for them to become unhappy.  So after a customer has finished eating there, then leave their used plate so that it prevents new customers from sitting too far along the conveyor belt.
  • Eventually you’ll need more time to order your ingredients.  But you don’t want to do this whilst customers are waiting.  So if you leave 5 used plates on the table then no customers can come, and you won’t affect any reputation score as no one can come to sit down to wait for food.  You can restock your supplies at your leisure.
  • Consumers order in trends, so watch out when there’s a fad.  If you make an open seat on the left of someone who’s ordered, then there’s a high chance he might intercept the food that you’ve made for a person who is further along the conveyor belt.
  • There’s a bug in the game in the restocking timer.  If you order stock, and then open the recipe book, then the game will be paused, but your restocking timer will continue.  Using this trick, you can always restock your supplies whilst seemingly losing no time whatsoever.
  • Be aware that you can only order one set of ingredients at a time, so don’t shove in a stack of stock orders because that’ll only mislead yourself.  Instead if you’re really keen to stock up, use the trick above to stop time and stock everything up really fast.
  • If you exploit the above bugs properly, then you should be able to avoid ordering express ingredients (i.e. you save money).

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Developers: FunGameLand

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