Android Games Review: Devil Ninja (Droid Studio, GameTouch)

Devil Ninja: Dash and slash through monsters whilst leaping across bottomless pits in a maze of valleys. 

Enjoy some brief and mindless action in this altered version of Zombie City.  Yup, that’s right, the GameTouch/Droid Studio developers have pimped up their previous game and added a few extra little touches.  Check out what we’ve found below…

Gameplay:  Devil Ninja is pretty much like Zombie City but with some enhancements.  You control a ninja who’s dashing along a never-ending expanse of cliff tops.  Werewolves and harpies will randomly appear to drain your energy and by default you can use your katana to slash your way through the creatures.  Shurikens can be collected along the way and that’ll allow you to shoot enemies from a distance.

It’s really quite interesting to see how little changes can improve a game – for example, the jumping in Zombie City was fairly bland and almost annoying, but in Devil Ninja the jumping is for reaching cliff platforms which are on different levels.  All of a sudden the jumping becomes a working element.

Without a doubt I’d say that Devil Ninja is a better game, and it’s interesting to see how they’ve coincidentally dealt with almost all the issues I noticed in Zombie City.  Double jumps have been added to prevent this from being only a jump timing game.  The weapons are easier to understand and their benefits are clearer.  The super shuriken flying item will super speed you and it’ll spit out shurikens before you land so that you’re not forced to lose lives.

Devilish delights: The overall theming is pretty good – graphics are consistent and look cool.  All the sound effects make sense and add to the game.  The most funky addition to this game is the dragon spell which is dotted around.  Once you grab this a beautiful flaming golden dragon will blast across the screen opening a up a path through your enemies for you!

Verdict: 2/5 A decent game which is definitely an improvement from Zombie City and to make that point clear we’ve readjusted ZC’s game rating.   My only quarm is that there appears to be some sort of lock out when you’re pressing the on-screen buttons.  It’s like there’s no opportunity to interrupt your character when he’s in the middle of an action (… and so I frequently fell into the gaps between the cliffs… dammit).  A great timewaster for those slots during the day when you want to rest your brain for a bit!

Devil Ninja Tips from Android Game Reviews

  • Shurikens are both good and bad.  Although they can destroy your enemies from a distance, they’re only able to kill one opponent at a time.  So if you’re faced with a bunch of harpies all of a sudden, then you might well be guaranteed to lose some energy.
  • For the above reason, I’ve found that the katana is a actually a safer bet.  If you do collect shurikens then you should litter the screen with them to clear your path.
  • Since it seems as though actions cannot be interrupted, then be careful when you’re dumping out shurikens.  It’s very easy for jump actions to be missed (… and then you’ll fall to your death)

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Developers: Droid Studio

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