Android Games Review: Block Blaster

Block Blaster: smash all the blocks and springs in this Breakout style puzzle game. 

Enjoy some old school visuals combined with an ingenious twist that makes this an interesting puzzle game.  Though it’s difficult to call this a complete game, Block Blaster is a production which is worth fiddling around with for a few minutes.

Gameplay: The aim of the game is to place a ball and then throw it around the screen such that it bounces off all the collapsible blocks.  As soon as your blue circle collides with these squares then it’ll destroy them.  Once all the targets have been obliterated then you’ll progress to the next level.  Unlike Breakout/Arkanoid though, the ball doesn’t keep rolling at constant speed – it runs out of momentum and slows down like a real ball.

Verdict: 1/5 As mentioned already, the best part of this creation is the idea.  Unfortunately I’m not sure if this can be called a game yet because the graphics are on par with the original 1980s Breakout and there’s no sound effects or music.  So why are we reviewing this?… because sometimes we need to see the duff out there to appreciate the good games on the market.

Sometimes I think this game needs a bit more physics tweaking, but what’s currently there provides a decent amount of challenge.  Over the 20 free levels you should find there are some cases where the shooting control seems a poor because it’s not clear how the length of the line drawn corresponds to the strength of projection.  It’s these kind of game obscurities which make you just randomly try and throw the ball anyhow to complete the level rather than calculating the exact solution.

Block Blaster tips from Android Game Review:

  • Don’t think too hard about any if the maps, you should be able to beat all the maps with trial and error.
  • If you get really stuck it’s probably because you haven’t realised that you have two attempts to move the ball in this round.
  • The shoddy looking spring blocks are different – they give your ball more momentum to keep rolling.

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Developers: ForumMotion

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