Android Games Review: Trial Xtreme (Galapagos)

Fantastic 3D game where you ride a dirt bike across obstacle ridden tracks. 

Here’s a Classic Dirt Rider game for your Android Mobile which is playable by all people because of its well balanced difficulty levels.  The free version has a handful of levels which showcase the depth and variety in the game.  In fact you can play and perfect your skills on the free tracks for a fair amount of time.

Gameplay:  There are predefined sets of tracks and you need to ride your bike through each one in the shortest time possible.  Your best time will automatically get posted online.  You’ve got an accelerate button, brake button and your phone’s accelerometer is used.  By rocking your phone left and right you control the balance of where your rider is on the bike.  So a combination of speed control and angling your bike will allow you to get a variety of jump heights and will help you overcome obstacles on the track.

Mad parts:  Wow, what an awesome Dirt Rider game – this initially reminded me of ExciteBike which I used to play on my old NES.  But for most people this probably reminds them of playing one of the many flash based dirt rider games where you had to effectively do stunts to get across the hurdles.  Trial Extreme is that and more – they’ve taken it one step further by making a 3D rendered game.  Quite a fair amount of polish has gone into this game and you can tell it’s been refined because it’s fairly easy to control and you won’t die too easily.

There are some rather ridiculous and hilarious physics in the game because it’s been made easier.  For instance, I’ve had multiple occurances where the rider’s head was almost dragged across the ground because a wheelie had gone out of control.  But I like this unbelievable element, because if it was too real I think I’d just be put off from playing.  The good thing about having a totally fictitious environment is that you can create these awesome tracks which would be near impossible in real life!

Verdict: 4/5  This is a fun physics game where the free version should entice you and it’s well worth paying for the full version.  Whether you’re a trial and error person or a skill perfectionist player you should be able to enjoy the tracks.  There are some loop-the-loops and you can do full 360 degree flips in some parts so it’s visually quite exciting.

It’s unfortunate that I’ve had to dock one star but I had to because the game crashed on two of our test devices on multiple occasions.  Don’t get me wrong though – this is a fab game and it’s a definite one to play!  

Android Game Reviews Tips: Going flat out on the accelerator and doing huge leaps doesn’t  automatically mean a faster time.  You have to think about using the dips and curves to maximum advantage.  So after you’ve completed some of the tracks and you’re familiar with the game, then try redoing some tracks but keep an eye on the speedometer.  If you control this correctly you’ll find that you can do medium high launches which will still maintain your horizontal movement, or they’ll land you in a more advantageous position where you can gather more speed for the next obstruction.

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Developers: Galapagos


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