Android Games Review: Mouse Trap (Magma Mobile)

Simple sound, simple graphics, classic puzzle gameplay!

Think your way through the almost endless number of levels (1900 in total) in order to guide your furry friend to escape the dreaded laboratory. The game features a variety of scoring mechanisms that will keep those score chasers among you hooked for many head scratching hours.

Gameplay: Based on the simple puzzle genre of sliding pieces to release a particular piece from the board, the game starts off with a clear set of tutorial levels to guide you through the initial stages. It doesn’t take long to pick up the game and very soon you will be left solving levels unaided. Every level has a minimum number of moves and a target time for you to aim for. Upon finishing each level you are presented with a score based on these two criteria which increases the replay value of the levels, it can be very addictive to try and aim for a full score.

The difficulty level progression is although a little random at times, you will sometimes get an easy level amongst hard ones or vice versa, it’s much better paced than Magma Mobile’s other puzzle game I reviewed Bubble Blast 2. This means that the game doesn’t suddenly get too difficult whilst you are still getting better at it yourself, keeping the game fun and enjoyable.

Apart from the scoring system which is integrated with ScoreLoop, Mouse Trap introduces secrets in the way of coins which can be found underneath particular pieces. These coins can then be used to unlock further bonus features in the game such as star ratings for each level, much like Angry Birds. I’m not sure why this needs to be unlocked but it’s a nice feature that doesn’t take anything away from the game.

Smelly Cheese: I found moving the blocks quite difficult, which is quite a shame as it should be something that is very simple to solve. Not only this but simple touching a block without actually moving it increases the move count which really annoyed me. Although the graphics are clean and clear, they’re a little on the bland side. Mouse trap would benefit from having a more distinctive mouse character design with eye catching colours, this would definitely give it a wider appeal. There is also no music throughout the game, a nice soothing bgm whilst you think hard about your next wouldn’t go a miss.

Verdict 3/5: Mouse Trap is an addictive classic puzzle game. With its simple gameplay, it’s very easy to pick up and play, perfect for those small opportunities throughout the day. Not without its negatives, graphics and sound, however boasting over 1900 levels, you can’t really complain that much from a free game.


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Developers: Magma Mobile

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