Android Games Review: Maximus Discus (RX Games)

Ultimate disc-throwing drama and excitement! An excellent package of high-speed action.

Why are arcade games still so popular? Well, old-school gameplay stands for simple and exciting. There’s lots of action, cool special moves, bad guys, thrilling music… and, Maximus Discus put simply, just has it all. Based on a very simple and fun arcade activity in air hockey, the subtle balance between the different forms of attack and defence in this game allow the player to develop countless strategies to destroy the enemy. Lots and lots of fun.

Gameplay:  The game takes place in a classic gladiatorial duel-type setting, where you are 1vs1 against the computer. Holding three discs each, the aim is to throw your discs at the enemy, while dodging their attacks. In standard arcade-style, the more you hit, the more damage you do, until one of the players is knocked out. But things aren’t quite so simple. The game also features the “deflector weapon”, which can repel discs and send them back at double-speed. Since a disc cannot be thrown while it is in deflector form, the player needs to devise a winning play-style which makes use of the deflectors for both attack and defence.

In story-mode (“Conqueror”), you get the chance to unlock new types of discs, each with their own unique special ability. With a good variety of attacking weapons, you also get the chance to test yourself against the world in “Arcade Mode”, where you can post your high scores onto Openfeint-powered leaderboards. Of course, there are countless achievements you can attain as you progress, and for those looking for quick and relaxing entertainment, Maximus Discus also features several fun minigames, like “Deflector Survivor Mode”. Rise up the ranks as you improve your disc-throwing skills – the ultimate aim is to get to the highest disc-throwing rank of all, the MAXIMUS DISCUS.

Super fun – no nonsense: At first glance, this game “looks” quite normal. The graphics are old-school, the base concept is simple, no gimmicks or fancy aspects. However, we at Android Games Review do feel that too many games these days try to con the player by needless over-the-top 3-D graphics, or over-elaborate gameplay. A casual game should be easy to play, and the main point is that it should be fun, for everyone. And in this sense, you won’t get much better than Maximus Discus. This game is a classic case of “seeing is believing”, so you’ll have to try the game to see what we mean! It’s not that it has a super special feature that makes it stand out. It’s just… easy to play with very tight controls, really fun and purely addictive by nature.

If we tried to break down what we like so much about this game, we’d probably go for:

  • Great variety of discs: very cool and original ideas, such as heavy electric discs, ghostly shadow discs… It’s very well thought out, meaning the best combination of attacking/defensive discs is not obvious, even after playing for hours on end.
  • Lots of skill involved: the game reminds me a lot of Tron, but I don’t remember being able to hone my skills so much in so short a time. The nature of the deflectors and the discs are the main reason – you quickly get better and better at using them together, which makes things much more satisfying.
  • Nice story: who doesn’t like a dramatic story, of betrayal and revenge? It’s actually very cliche and the ironic nature of the dialogue renders it very entertaining.
  • Excellent music: we actually tend to like games with quite reserved and non-flashy music, but the music to Maximus Discus is toned to perfection. Definitely adds to the whole experience.

Verdict: 5/5 Classic case of a “MUST-HAVE” Android game for your phone. We haven’t come across a better Android game as yet which provides the player with so much entertainment, with the right balance of difficulty for every level of ability. We guarantee you’ll enjoy the whole experience, plus the game auto-installs onto SD-card so you don’t need to worry about memory. With an enhanced set of graphics and achievements in the latest update, Maximus Discus has the potential to become a true gem in the Android Market. Really great stuff.








Maximus Discus In-Game Video

Tips from Android Game Reviews:  

  • When you get the game, start with Conqueror Mode. The progression at the beginning will allow you to get used to the controls much easier than if you went straight into Arcade Mode, where the enemy is much stronger straight away.
  • When you unlock new discs, test them! The game is all about finding the right combination of discs and you won’t get too far just using the standard discs all of the time.
  • There’s actually a special type of deflector that you can unlock if you get right to the end of Conqueror Mode. You heard if here first!
  • In Arcade Mode, you actually carry forwards previous bonuses. So, the more perfects you get in the earlier rounds, the higher your scores will be later on. That’s the trick to getting up the leaderboard.
  • When score-chasing, you’ll need to be very careful not to throw discs unnecessarily, or to just create deflectors all of the time. It seems you get rewarded for disc accuracy and deflector effectiveness, so take the time to improve your skills!

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Developers: RX Games

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