Android Games Review: LogicKingdom ロジックキングダム (AZOOZA)

Slice and dice your way through this large scale Sudoku style game

Gameplay:  The aim is to paint the canvas of a piece of artwork.  We’re not talking about a Michelangelo masterpiece nor a Google doodle though – we’re colouring in some pixel art.  So the game gives you a blank square grid and along the top edge and left hand side edge there are coloured squares with numbers inside them.  The row (or column) of colours represents the colours that should be coloured into the grid, and the numbers show the number of consecutive colour blocks there are.  These info blocks are in the same order as is in the grid (i.e. left to right, top to bottom etc).  White squares are not shown on the edges… and herein lies the puzzle.  Since the white parts are not defined, then you can’t always just use the edge information to complete the painting.  You need to cross compare the vertical and horizontal information to confirm you’re colouring in the correct squares.

Super Sudoku for Android:  This game really deals with my puzzle game addiction… or more specifically, it deals with my Sudoku obsession.  The reason why I compare it with Sudoku is because it has some similar solving principles:  you juggle between focusing on rows or cross hatching in order to slowly fill in the colours.  Obviously it’s not exactly the same, but the slight variation gives you a new game with its own set of rules.

Overall, I like the gentle midi background music and the controls are fairly simple to understand (eventhough most of them are in Japanese).  The simple solid colours are sufficient for this game as the focus is more on the puzzle itself.

Verdict: 3/5  For puzzle enthusiasts this is a 4 star game for sure.  The developers have given a hundred different puzzles so you’ll have endless hours of fun.  However, I need to be realistic and take all the relevant factors into account to score this game fairly… so unfortunately, this is a 3 star game for now.  Some key things need to be improved… firstly, just a few more English words would take this game miles!  I must’ve lost a whole game because I didn’t know what the Japanese menu options meant.  Secondly, the game seems to mess up if another activity disturbs it (e.g. phone, alarm, sleep mode etc.).  Thirdly this game could do with a lick of paint – although it currently works… on the scale of games it doesn’t have much eye candy to it.  But if you like puzzles then you must give this one a try! 

Tips from Android Game Reviews:  

  • When you first play the game, then play around with the menus a bit.  If you’re actually in the game and press the menu button, then the effective options are 1) puzzle is complete, 2) save my progress and 3) exit without saving.
  • Save your game regularly as it seems to mess up when another activity disturbs it (e.g. phone, alarm, sleep mode etc).
  • Start with the rows/columns which have enough info to be completed independently.
  • You can create null nodes which will help you identify squares which must be blank/colourless.
  • Be flexible with jumping between cross hatching and row checking to progress through the puzzle.
  • Err on the side of caution, as verifying or backtracking to find mistakes can be very difficult.
  • If you’re really stuck, then squint your eyes to check the image.

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Developers: AZOOZA

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