Android Games Review: GoChicken (InisGame)

New puzzle game with interesting tricks which will exercise your brain with a bit of variety. 

Gameplay:  This is a puzzle game on a rectangular grid/board.  Some chickens are laid out on the screen and the aim is to get rid of all but one of the chicks.  Each of the chicks can be flung like a marble and they’re governed by certain rules: 1) you can only fling a chick in a straight line into another chick, 2) you cannot fling a chick directly off the board and 3) you cannot fling a chick into a neighbouring chick (i.e. immediately adjacent).  Perhaps the rules sound a bit abstract, but they do make for an interesting little puzzle game.

Whilst you play GoChicken, you slowly realise how the method of chick movement defines your thought processes for solving the problems.  So as you progress through the levels, you’ll sometimes see the steps to your solution clearly laid out.  I enjoyed playing the 8 levels in the free version of the game, and there were definitely some levels where I was totally stuck when I started.

Puzzle positives:  Someone has spent a decent amount of time formulating a totally new game and then creating multiple levels out of it.  As with all puzzle games, there needs to be a good problem solving element to it, and this game definitely works the brain at points.  In terms of overall package, there’s cute overall theming with interesting little birds and gentle xylophone music.

Verdict: 2/5  GoChicken is a tidy game with a lot of potential.  I was quite torn between giving two and three stars.  It’s got alot of potential because it’s a new game style which I haven’t seen before.  But my problem with the game is that I can’t quite see how the game depth can be improved without introducing at least one more rule.  The whole overall game is ok, but I can’t see any components which make it really stand out and make me keep playing.  It’s one to try when you’re bored and you want a bit of variety…

Tips from Android Game Reviews:  Once you know the rules, you’ll join the chicks with imaginary lines and then you’ll automatically cross-hash vertical and horizontal lines to find the intersection nodes.  To start off, remember that these intersection nodes need to be aligned for you to win at the end.  If you do get stuck, try and think of bottle neck scenarios which limit the range of actions which you may take.  Don’t worry about ending up with two birds next to each other too much – it’s generally easy to fix by going back a step so you can throw chicks in the right order.

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Developers: InisGame

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