Android Games Review: Car Tracks Free (Drowning Zebra)

Dinky game which revives your Scalextrics memories for your mobile phone.

Gameplay: There’s a birds-eye view of a car on a track and there are lines which guide where the car will go.  At the bottom of the screen you’re given a speed control dial: keep your finger pressed on the speedometer and the car will accelerate or decelerate to that rate.  You can’t go top speed all the time though, otherwise the car can run off the tracks.  So in short, this is Scalextrix on the phone!

Fun sparks: The game is pretty neat and it seems to ease you into levels so it starts off easy and it progressively becomes harder.  I think they’ve definitely captured that Scalextrixs difficulty where one needs to guess at what speed to set in order to get stay stuck on the track.

Probably the best thing about the game is the depth of game, and the freedom to play.  So there are about 50 different tracks, each with enough variety and skill in them.  There’s also a whole armada of cars to buy.  Should you really get stuck though, there’s plenty of ways to earn the cash to buy the new cars.  Just a hint: you can go at top speed with the Mini Cooper on some of the early tracks, and you’ll win without thinking!


Verdict: 3/5
A sweet little game which lets you play those humongous Scalextrixs tracks which you could never afford.  Give it a try if you ever liked Scalextrixs!

To be honest, I was a bit torn with this game.  It’s between 2 and 3 stars, because it’s on the verge of being not playable for some people, but yet it’s revived a retro game.  I’ll err on the side of positivity for now.  I’m not sure about what developments are happening at the moment, but if they spruced up the reaction speeds, particle effects and added some vibration then they would probably have a better package.  One more warning – the menu system is a bit duff, but once you’ve figured it out it’s not so bad.

Grand Prix Story combined with Car Tracks Free would make a very interesting game…




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Developers: Drowning Zebra

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