Android Games Review: Swipe Poker (Appomatic Software)

Bejeweled-like gameplay combined with five card trick Poker hands.

Gameplay: There’s a randomly assorted grid of playing cards and you try to select the best set of five card hands.  Although you’d be tempted to pick out cards individually, you can’t do this – all hands must have a common point between cards.  So you need to drag contiguous shapes to select your cards.  Once your hand is selected, your points will be calculated and they’ll disappear.  The gap left behind will be filled by the cards above it which will fall down, and new cards will populate the very top of the screen.

Poker hierarchy rules apply, so the highest is your straight flush, and then they range down to your one-pair hands.  The better your trick is, the more points you’ll be awarded.  There are two different playing modes: Time (not available in the Lite version) and Turn mode.  Turn mode allows you to play 10 sets of hands, after which your score is entered into the scoreboard.

Enjoyable tricks: If you like playing cards (Poker in particular) then you’ll like this game.  That is to say, you like looking at cards to see patterns and you enjoy testing your ability to find the strongest hand you can put together.


Verdict: 1/5 Actually, based on gameplay alone I think this game is worth 2 stars.  With more components like sound, graphics, animations and particle effects, this game could be 3 or 4 stars.  Slap on some connectivity to OpenFeint and they might have a bit of a following.  But the code is still immature, they’ve got some problems with setting up their activities so after you’ve played a few rounds, you’ll need to press back a few times to exit the application.

Ultimately, this is a game more for people interested in cards as it can help them improve seeing different hands and thinking about probabilities.

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Developers: Appomatic Software

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